Most of the watercolors on this page

are up for auction or for sale in my Daily Paintworks Gallery.

Larger works are on my website: June Rollins Fine Art

11 thoughts on “Watercolors

  1. Visited Watercolor exhibits at Barton College Art Center tonight, did enjoy viewing your painting along with SueChurchGrants painting.

  2. Hi June,
    I just discovered your blog while browsing on Pinterest . It’s been so enjoyable, instructive, and inspiring to see your demonstrations! I could spend all day here…thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent!!
    God Bless,

  3. Just finished watching your whole set of Alcohol Inks videos (with reference book). I thought they were excellent. You have a great way of teaching this medium. Starting to experiment-harder than it looks, but I will keep playing. Does your watercolor DVD cover Dreamscapes, or is it more of getting started in watercolors? Thanks.

  4. Thank you, Tricia. Glad to hear the DVDs and book have been beneficial and you will keep playing. That’s the key. Your question about the watercolor DVD is timely and what I have been considering myself. I want the DVD to cover using watercolors in a Dreamscape approach. Hoping to incorporate exercises that would benefit all levels and also include more challenging demos using the exercises in a painting. Would be interested in your opinion on what you think would be helpful.

  5. I’ve been doing watercolors for about seven years, mostly landscapes, found objects, and some flowers. Most of my supplies have been packed up for about nine months, due to a move and building, so the Dreamscapes were something I could do on a card table with little investment. When I do pull out my watercolors, I would be interested in your technique for Dreamscaping (you touched on this a little with your acrylic glazing) with watercolor, but also maybe attacking a regular painting with some of those tips. I didn’t know if your current watercolor DVD did that or not. You really do have a great way of teaching. Thanks so much.

  6. Thank you, Tricia. Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping is portable, isn’t it 🙂 Yes, in the upcoming watercolor DVD I’ll be showing demos using the Dreamscaping concept of intuitively painting and letting colors flow and mix on the paper. There will be adaptations and different techniques. I’ll be working on watercolor paper, not yupo. Thanks again for your feedback!

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