Dreamscaping Weekend

I had a Dreamscaping weekend because the Alcohol Ink Dreamscapes I have for sale at the John C. Campbell Folk School Craft Shop needed replenishing.

For a creative challenge I decided to see how many varied Dreamscapes could be created with just 3 ink colors.

3-17 AI

Here they are. When I study them I see what I was looking for: warm and cool yellows, reds and blues and a host of neutrals ranging from light to dark in value.

How did I get so much variance?

  • Color Mixing
  • Adding 91% Alcohol or Blending Solution
  • Mixatives: Silver, Gold, Copper, Pearl, Snow Cap


These were my primary triad workhorses.

If you haven’t tried Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping, you may want to give it a go. It’s fun, relaxing and spurs experimental explorations. Learn more in the Dreamscaping Shop.

Happy, Creative Pursuits To All!

Primary Play!

There’s A Lot You Can Do


With Just Red, Yellow & Blue


 I’m a big believer in a limited palette and enjoy working with primary triads: red, yellow and blue.  Here I’ve used, thalo blue, vermilion and gamboge with Dr. Ph. Martin’s Hydrus Fine Art Watercolor. Experiment to find your own favorite primary combinations. Amaze your friends with the unique colors you create.

It’s up to you if you tell them what you used 🙂

Have Fun!