Disaster To Discovery

When photographing iris a couple of weeks ago, happened to notice this composition:

IMG_1778 webThought it would be a good reference photo for an interesting watercolor. Still do, but one struggle lead to another, to another. Soon, there were just too many to fix, hide or pretend, that’s what the artist intended 😉

P1110396After tearing off the remaining clear contact paper that I had read works just like frisket film, I cut up this disaster and flipped it…


Here are more struggles opportunities and a few joyous discoveries on the flip side 🙂 You may recognize some from recent posts on June Rollins Art.

Continuing to intentionally work in this direction. Beginning to list ones with no flip side disasters. Here’s the first:

Joy In The Morning, 5x7, watercolor, ©June Rollins

Joy In The Morning, 5×7, watercolor, ©June Rollins

Opening bid, $24: Joy In The Morning

Wishing all discoveries on the flip side.



Autumn Beginnings

No one can tell me Autumn is just about endings, unless you believe that in every ending, there is a beginning. Gardeners and people of deep faith know this. Maybe they are one in the same. I know my hands digging in rich dirt and my heart rejoicing over tender green shoots is for me a spiritual exchange.

Newly planted Iris building energy for glory awakening Spring 2015.

Newly planted Iris building energy for Spring 2015 glory awakening. Those small, emerging side shoots give me all kinds of hope to hold onto through the winter.

Dare I be so bold to name this experience, “Co-creating.” Even though I have heard my husband pronounce confidently from the pulpit, “We are all co-creators with God.”

Whatever it is, it nourishes my soul beyond words and I am overjoyed  to be planting this Autumn, hoping through Winter and envisioning next Spring’s glory.

Remembering earlier Iris I've grown that were models for all About Iris Series.

Remembering earlier Iris I’ve grown that became models for all About Iris Series.

Above blooming iris photo from earlier post, Become A Better Artist…

Iris No. 18 10x14, Watercolor © June Rollins

Iris No. 18
10×14, Watercolor
© June Rollins

See more Iris paintings, All About Iris

Plans are being made now for me to teach techniques used to create All About Iris Series, Spring 2015 at Tri-County Community College, Murphy, NC.


Now, to tell Rob his other birthday gift was 200 Daffodil bulbs 🙂

All About Iris Watercolor Workshop At JCC

It’s still a little over a year away but wanted you to be the first to know.

I just found out last night…

I’m On The John C. Campbell Folk School

Schedule To Teach:



All About Iris 

An Intermediate Watercolor Workshop

(To get a preview of what we will be doing: Visit Iris No. 8 Demo in this blog.

Guess who’s excited about being a local, guest instructor at the John C. Campbell Folk School?

July 2012, Rob and I relocated to Murphy, NC which is 7 miles from the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC.

Workshop schedules are determined a year to a year and half in advance. Beginning, Feb. 16, 2014, I will be teaching a 5-day, All About Iris, intermediate watercolor workshop in this lovely 300 acre setting that encourages joy in creating and sharing in community! See examples of what we will be doing at: All About Iris

For more info or to register, contact: 828-837-3899

Iris No. 3 Is Going To Sautee Nacoochee, GA!

I’ve just opened the letter stating…

Iris No. 3 Light Within by June Rollins©
Juried Into SW 35th Annual Exhibition
By Frederick C. Graff, AWS, NWS, TWSA

Iris No. 3 – Light Within, has been juried into the

Southern Watercolor Society

35th Annual Juried Exhibition

by Juror Frederick C. Graff, AWS, NWS, TWSA!

Ninety paintings were selected out of 425 entries

from 230 watercolor artists living in 19 states.

The opening reception is Sun., June 10th at the

Sautee Nacoochee Center, GA .

The exhibition runs through July 7th.

I’m so hoping I can attend 🙂

Pigment Planning Breakthrough

Teachers love it when the students get it.

This past weekend, my Second Saturday Painters got it!

They got the importance of Pigment Planning before beginning the painting.

This is the example that did it:

Reference Photo For Iris No. 17

Pigment Planning Chart
For Iris No. 17

Most of the watercolor demos on this blog

show the pigment planning chart I do before beginning the painting.

Here are the links:

I think what really drilled it home this time was when I showed them the pigment chart I used for Iris No. 16 and said,

“I’m using the same pigments for Iris No.’s 16 and 17.”

“I’m just mixing them in different degrees.”

Pigment Planning
For Iris No. 16

Reference Photo
Iris No. 16

Iris No. 16

Mouths dropped open and eyes widened.

Everyone, eagerly went back to their seats with an earnest, new found passion

for the importance of color mixing and knowing their pigments.

As for myself, with the pigment planning complete for Iris No. 17,

I feel ready to begin too.

Happy Painting To All Today!

To Become A Better Artist….

Fall In Love With Something.

Not new for followers of this blog to know my painting passion the last couple of years has been the bearded iris I’ve grown.

They are currently in the midst of their spring show. Here is how they looked around 7:45 this morning as I was heading to 8am yoga class.

The light wouldn’t be the same when I got back 90 minutes later.

And who knows, I might not see them this way again….

I never made it to yoga, but I did experience zen, nirvana, peace…

whatever you want to call it, with the iris this morning.

See for yourself what brings you contentment, clarity, peace.

That is the path for you to follow.