April Paintings


Here is a collage of April’s 11 oil paintings.

Some have sold, some are still drying and one is a gift to Martha in appreciation for giving me permission to photograph her sheep and precious lambs.

Doing my best to keep locations representing my work supplied: John C. Campbell Folkschool Craft Shop, Brasstown, NC, Twigs And Leaves Gallery, Waynesville, NC and Mountain Nest, Black Mountain, NC.

How can we not be inspired during this spring season of blooming flowers and prancing, baby, farm animals. Paint, paint, paint, as fast as we can ūüôā

Happy Spring To All.



Character Development

Still having fun painting animals. Thank goodness for inspiration from sites with copyright free photos like morgue file and pixabay. I scroll through image after image until something speaks to me.

It may be the lighting, value contrasts or movement that grab my attention. Or, it might just be a cute, baby goat like this most recent painting.


“Young Gruff,” 8×10 Watercolor, ¬©June Rollins

What happens next is the fun in coming up with a title. I will often ask my husband, Rob, for ideas. With¬†this one he laughed and said, “Three Billy Goats Gruff.” I researched this Norwegian Fairy Tale and decided this goat was “Young Gruff.” The one with high persuasive skills that¬†went over the bridge first .

I then found myself wondering what the third goat looked like?¬†The one that went over the bridge last and challenged the troll. My image seeking led me to…Billy Goat Gruff.


“Billy Goat Gruff, 8×10, Watercolor, June Rollins

When I showed Rob, he loved it and said, “What about the middle goat?”

“I don’t know, I might be moving on to something else.”

“Oh yeah,” He teased, “the middle child. Everyone forgets about the middle child.”


Now, I’m on the look out for that one and only, special, middle child, goat. He will need to be one like no other; not being able to rely on cuteness like¬†his baby brother,¬†Young Gruff,¬†and not having the status of the oldest like Billy Goat Gruff. The search for better¬†character development continues. Both of these goats and I hope a third very soon are listed for sale in my Daily Paintworks Gallery.

Happy seeking and storytelling to All.


Sometimes It’s Okay To Force The Issue

When it comes to certain flower bulbs, like Paperwhites and Hyacinths!

Forcing bulbs to bloom will provide fresh flowers, fragrance and inspiration for painting this winter. Have an ongoing supply by staggering over the next few months.

I love seeing¬†newly¬†emerging¬†green this time of year. It gives me hope to¬†visualize¬†all the bulbs¬†dreaming and growing, hidden¬†under the snow. Want to try? Another grand choice are¬†Amaryllis. Here’s more info: Forcing¬†Flower Bulbs

I don’t think Rob will mind, do you ūüėČ


Force The Issue! Create Beauty!

2014 Fall Trending Colors

It doesn’t escape me that the last post insisted on being yourself and not imitating ūüėÄ

Here, I hope you can see I was inspired by this year’s Ladies Soft Tones. If you’re curious, ¬†to see if you already own what happens to be walking¬†down the 2014 Fall Runway, including the inspiration¬†for this watercolor, check out these 2014 Fall Colors.

2014 Fall Trending Colors 7x10, Watercolor Dreamscaping With June Rollins¬ģ

2014 Fall Trending Colors
7×10, Watercolor
Dreamscaping With June Rollins¬ģ

Up for auction: 2014 Fall Trending Colors

Just change it up and make it your own, no one will ever know¬†ūüėČ

Insist On Yourself, Never Imitate!

"Hello, Gorgeous!" Watercolor, 7x10 Dreamscaping With June Rollins¬ģ

“Hello, Gorgeous!”
Watercolor, 7×10
Dreamscaping With June Rollins¬ģ

This little tree is looking more like Spring than Autumn‚Ķbut she could care less what I think! “Hello, Gorgeous!”¬†is intent on¬†being herself to the max¬†ūüėÄ

Insisting on ourselves is essential when tapping into our creativity and developing as artists. The below Emerson quote sums up why:

Insist on yourself; never imitate. Your own gift you can present every moment with the cumulative force of a whole life’s cultivation; but of the adopted talent of another you have only an extemporaneous half possession. That which each (we) can do best, none but his (our) Maker can teach him (us).

‚Äē Ralph Waldo Emerson

See more: Autumn Trees

Why Do Trees Change Color In Autumn?

This little tree had more to say. I think she must have been a former teacher ūüôā

Why Do Leaves Change Color In Autumn? 7x10, Watercolor Dreamscaping With June Rollins¬ģ

Why Do Leaves Change Color In Autumn?
7×10, Watercolor
Dreamscaping With June Rollins¬ģ

Is that really the right answer? Read more: Why Leaves Change Color

Support the trees and  join in on the bidding. They are up for auction, seeking good homes at:

June Rollins DPW Gallery

Do You See The Difference…

In These Two Paintings Of Florence?

Florence Before

Florence After


After I completed Florence, I put her away for a few days. When I ¬†looked at her again with fresh eyes, I thought she needed a little “pick-me-up” of some kind.


A ¬†soft-edged, subtle, background, diagonal wash…

seemed to help .