Spring Overtaking Winter

Dreamscape No. 603,  Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Dreamscape No. 603, Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Felt a longing for Spring while this Dreamscape emerged.

Its message: Spring is more than a pretty, little bloom or two. She has to be powerful to overtake and melt away this winter…


When one has faith that the spring thaw will arrive, the winter winds seem to lose some of their punch. –Robert L. Veninga

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They Travelled Afar

Dreamscape No. 599, 4x6 Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Dreamscape No. 599, 4×6
Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

I have always been drawn to the story of the Magi. I drew inspiration from them for Dreamscape No. 599, shown above.

Upon deeper study the facts don’t line-up with our traditional stories. We don’t know there were 3 and their visit did not occur at Jesus’s birth. But they are still much loved characters in our Crèche because of what they represent: seeking, courage, discernment, faith and steadfast, unwavering belief.

In all traditions, the seeker’s journey has poignant significance. May we all be like the Magi in our seeking and journeying.

Holy Blessings To Us All,


Autumn Beginnings

No one can tell me Autumn is just about endings, unless you believe that in every ending, there is a beginning. Gardeners and people of deep faith know this. Maybe they are one in the same. I know my hands digging in rich dirt and my heart rejoicing over tender green shoots is for me a spiritual exchange.

Newly planted Iris building energy for glory awakening Spring 2015.

Newly planted Iris building energy for Spring 2015 glory awakening. Those small, emerging side shoots give me all kinds of hope to hold onto through the winter.

Dare I be so bold to name this experience, “Co-creating.” Even though I have heard my husband pronounce confidently from the pulpit, “We are all co-creators with God.”

Whatever it is, it nourishes my soul beyond words and I am overjoyed  to be planting this Autumn, hoping through Winter and envisioning next Spring’s glory.

Remembering earlier Iris I've grown that were models for all About Iris Series.

Remembering earlier Iris I’ve grown that became models for all About Iris Series.

Above blooming iris photo from earlier post, Become A Better Artist…

Iris No. 18 10x14, Watercolor © June Rollins

Iris No. 18
10×14, Watercolor
© June Rollins

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Plans are being made now for me to teach techniques used to create All About Iris Series, Spring 2015 at Tri-County Community College, Murphy, NC.


Now, to tell Rob his other birthday gift was 200 Daffodil bulbs 🙂

Going Home

Going Home Watercolor, 7x10 Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Going Home
Watercolor, 7×10
Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

This little tree, certain and unafraid, is going home.

I googled the title that came to me and discovered it was the name of a hymn with an interesting origin. Many people assume the tune was always an African American spiritual that was adapted to the symphony, but in this case, the reverse is true.

Going Home origin and lyrics

Now up for auction along with other Autumn Trees: Going Home

Try just one more time…

If you don’t succeed the first time or the second time and you think, I just need to hang it up tonight. Leave my two failed paintings in the trash and go to bed defeated 😦

Take a deep breath and try just one more time. After all it’s only paper and you never know what the next time will bring.

This tree with a new personality appeared on my 3rd attempt buoying my spirits!

And with that I’m calling it a good night 🙂

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Said Goodbye to Clyde This Week

Clyde was my little companion for the past 15+ years.

Yesterday, I walked to the mailbox alone for the first time in 15 years deeply feeling his absence.

Rob holding a very happy Clyde :)

Aug. 2012 – Rob holding a very happy Clyde 🙂

Declining health complications with no response to medicine and not a candidate for surgery led to the hard decision I made April 14th. It helped when the vet said, “You’re doing the right thing.” Clyde was a little fighter. Still had his sweet, spunky spirit and wagging tail, still wanted to patrol the property boundaries to make sure we were safe. But because of a collapsing trachea, breathing difficulties and resulting chronic cough, he couldn’t get any rest.

Why Am I Sharing This On An Art Blog?

Because there is life outside of art. And life happens.

Sometimes there is more time for art and sometimes there is less. There are seasons and transitions between seasons…and it’s all okay and there is something each season has to teach us.

I am encouraged to see spring happening in the mountains this year; white and pink dogwoods coming into bloom, leaping black calves and dancing white lambs on pastures turning green, mountains fluffing up with foliage, birds flittering and twittering all about everywhere. In all of this I see the hope and promise of all things new….

Last week someone said, “April is a hard month for you.” She knew I had lost my mom last April 9th. She would have been 91 this April 14. The day I made the difficult decision to let Clyde go.

I am currently  in an in-between soul-searching, journaling, imagining, seeking transition. It involves loss, change, letting go and moving on. How do I live out and express my art now?


If like me, you are in a transition between seasons, I encourage you to make any necessary, hard decisions and hold on to the hope and promise of all things new.

Entering Into Lent

I took this photo of Lenten Roses last week at John C. Campbell Folk School.

I would like to say I was reflectively, meandering around with my 35mm Canon seeking and receiving nature’s gifts. Something that has always renewed and restored my spirit at a deep, core level.

But, I wasn’t. I was rushing by, my mind racing ahead of me, already on the next task at hand. It was more of a yearning tug than a low lying blur of magenta that made me stop. I hesitated, debating. Did I have time to look closer? The tug was beseeching, compelling me to turn around and go back. I knelt down and was immediately taken in. This infusing feeling of connection I experience in nature, I’ve missed it so.

The above quick photo taken with my iPhone, attempts to share the experience.

Entering into this season of Lent, I want to stop, turn around and go back.