Meeting The Green Challenge

It’s that time of year when many of us are facing the challenge of incorporating greens into our nature inspired paintings.

Have we met web

I took this reference photo a few years ago. While working in my flower garden, I would often be surprised by Carolina Anoles like the one you see above. I grew fond of their bold, inquisitive ways.

AnoleEven though the painting will be primarily green, I didn’t only use out-of-the-tube, green pigment. I also like the effects of mixing yellow, gold, red and blue to make a variety of pleasing greens. More info at: Mixing Greens

P1110372I began with rich color working wet-into-wet to create soft-edged shapes. I later defined the subject with a light wash.

P1110373I continued adding darker values aiming for a subtle leading and flow of edge variety and interlocking shapes.

Lean Mean Green Machine 10x21 web

Lean Mean Green Machine, 10×21, Watercolor, ©JuneRollins

I lifted color and glazed to create unity. Because of the glazing and predominance of green, the finished painting was difficult to photograph. Above is close in color, although actual painting has more depth.


When meeting the green challenge this year, make your painting unique by following Picasso’s advice, create “that particular green” that can’t be bought…

They will sell you thousands of greens: Veronese green and emerald green and cadmium green and any sort of green you like, but that particular green, never.


Tulip Study

It may look like I’m painting from a photo, but look closer to see the tulip is in an ikebana. I put white paper behind it to help me see the tulip.


I’ve made a loose sketch and selected my colors.

P1110276I’m working at a tilt and am adding a loose, wet wash of Holbein Indian Yellow.


Working wet-into-wet, I add touches of Holbein Cadmium Green Pale.


Wet glazing with Holbein Brilliant Orange.


Wet glazing with Holbein Cadmium Red Purple.


I’ve done some negative painting and am now lifting out shapes for definition.

Tulip Study, 7x8, Watercolor ©June Rollins

Tulip Study, 7×8, Watercolor, ©June Rollins

It’s especially rewarding to paint the flowers I’ve grown. This is the first for 2015. Hope to be doing more.

Tulip Study now up for auction : Click Here To Bid

Steps For Cow Painting

Reference Photo, ©June Rollins

Reference Photo, ©June Rollins

Below are the steps for the painting created from this reference photo.

Read story behind the photo: last week’s post


Study photo by moving in close with a magnifying glass.


Experiment with different color mixes to determine best choices.


Cover the paper with a bold, loose, first wash.


Tackle main subject first.


Continue, one cow at a time 🙂

Sorry, Private Party, 12 x 28, Watercolor, ©June Rollins

Sorry, Private Party, 12 x 28, Watercolor, ©June Rollins

Step back to determine best approach for background and foreground finishing touches. Thank you for stopping by!


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Inspired To Paint These Cows :)

Reference Photo, ©June Rollins

Reference Photo, ©June Rollins

I’ve grown fond of the these cows I drive by twice a day 6 days a week on Brasstown Rd. Even though I’m often in a hurry, pre-occupied or tired, I always look for them. On this day, soon after they had just gathered around a fresh hay bale, I knew I had to stop and take some reference photos for a painting. I was delighted and inspired to paint from this humorous image I received.

Later, I described the setting to one of my co-workers who laughed and responded with, Sorry, Private Party. I immediately knew Kayla had just given me the title for my painting.

How To Receive Inspiration During a Typical Day

Notice what you are repeatedly drawn to during the course of a typical day. Zero in and become more aware of whatever it is. Each day, even while rushing by, consciously, take note. Wait for and be ready to receive perfect, and perhaps unexpected, picture-perfect, moments 🙂

Cows Traveling To Tennessee In April

Sorry, Private Party, 12 x 28, Watercolor, ©June Rollins

Sorry, Private Party, 12 x 28, Watercolor, ©June Rollins

Sorry, Private Party, has been accepted into the 38th Southern Watercolor Society Annual Juried Exhibition to be held at the Customs House Museum in Clarksville, TN, May 8th – July 5th.

Next post will share the painting steps behind this watercolor.

Enjoy The Journey.