22 thoughts on “DVDs & Supplies

  1. Thanks, Mattie! I’m teaching Level 1 Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping in Murphy, NC on May 16, 2013 and Blue Ridge, Ga on June 4th 2013. Hope to see you 🙂 Buying the DVD would be next, best thing 🙂

  2. Hi June,
    Your DVD is great! And the kit is a wonderful starter for someone like me. I hope there is a learning curve with these alcohol inks! (Of course, I’ve only had them out of the box for 2 days…I need to work on my patience a bit.)

    Do you have any place for FAQ with alcohol inks? Or a forum where a person like me can ask an occasional question? e.g. why does my Watermelon drop of ink spread like crazy but my Stream just sits on the paper and goes nowhere unless I tilt the paper -and then it creates “streams” instead of really spreading?

    Ah, the joys of learning 🙂


  3. Hi Mary, Glad you are having fun! Joining the Alcohol Ink Art Facebook Group described in the DVD is best option. Now have 173 members all levels with many different styles and methods. Yes, sometimes the inks respond differently by color. You will get to know their different personalities. Or some ink could have been in the nozzle that made what you first used thicker? Hope to see you in AIA Facebook Group! June

  4. June, I absolutely LOVE your DVDs. I’ve watched them over and over. Anytime I start feeling stuck, I go back to them and your lovely, gentle, and very calming guidance puts me back on track. I would highly recommend your DVDs to anyone who is interested in learning this technique. And your Alcohol Ink Art Facebook Group is equally awesome. There I have found a wonderful group of friends with a common interest. They are all willing to help and encourage one another. In short, June, thank you for being, not just an artist, but a leader. Blessing to you! Ann

  5. June, have you ever thought about creating DVD’s on watercolor painting? I’d love to learn from you!

  6. Sue, thank you! I have been considering a watercolor DVD Series. I consider your question a pointer sign as I have been thoughtfully sifting through choices and asking for guidance. Thanks again 🙂

  7. June how does one join the Alcohol Ink Artist on Facebook ? It seems to be a closed group??

  8. Hello! I’ve just discovered your website and am thinking about buying one of your DVD’s – just wondering whether they are available for digital download (Quite eager to get learning but shipping to Australia can take weeks!). Cheers,

  9. Love, love your work…I do mosaics and have hit a block came across alcohol inks and been surfing the web,,,research research..just recieved your dreamscaping book and you make me believe I can do this…do you only do workshops at homebase or do you travel..in the northeast in little rhody..if not do you know who teach in this area???? love hands in…thank you such an inspiration…

  10. I am in Hiawassee, Ga. and see that you taught in Murphy NC and Blue Ridge Ga. Do you have plans to teach in those areas again? Is it through an art guild? More information on classes please.

  11. Hi June: I intend to purchase your large set of inks and other tools in January (once I’m in the U.S. for 3 months) but I already have a few colors, including the gold right now. I just can’t seem to get the lovely moon shape that you do with the gold – is there any tips you can give me. Many thanks.

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