June Focus: Landscapes

May Flowers

My May focus was flowers from my own reference photos. Here are the nine completed paintings of flowers growing in our flower garden except for the daisies that grow naturally by the road where we live. I took many more photos to use as references later, as my June focus will be landscapes.

Summer Storm fb

“Summer Storm,” 4×4, Oil, ©June Rollins

Here’s the first, actually completed for a May assignment in an online oil painting course I’ve enrolled in with Bill Inman. I’ll continue to study and learn from his approach in June. *Many opportunities to begin again as I am learning!

The above paintings, plus more, are up for auction in my Daily Paintworks Gallery.

I’ve posted process steps of some of the above flower paintings and will be posting June Landscapes at: June RollinsART.

*Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely. -Henry Ford


April Birds Bring May Flowers

Here’s an update on my April bird paintings. I completed eight…

april birds

The bird paintings are dry and sealed with retouch varnish. They are now up for auction with opening bids of $35 in my Daily Paintworks Gallery.

If you haven’t already figured out May’s focus…

3 May Flowers 10x10 fb

“Natural Beauty,” 10 x 10, Oil, ©June Rollins

It’s flowers from our flower garden. Enjoying the challenge of working from still life and my own photos. Here is my favorite shrub rose, a subject I also painted last May. Learn more about my Westerland Shrub Rose.

PS: I’ve lost 10 lbs 🙂

I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers. -Claude Monet


Hodge-Podge Collage

30 in 30 Reflections

Actually, it was 25 in 30 and what a hodge-podge! We’ve got representational and non-representational in watercolor, acrylics, oils and alcohol inks! Overall, grateful for this month of exploration and diversity. Left with a feeling of giving it my best. My favorite?

Orange Ground On Textured Gesso Canvas Panel ©June Rollins :)

Orange Ground On Textured Gesso Canvas Panel
©June Rollins 🙂

Day 14 – The promise and potential of the next one 🙂

Thank you to Leslie Saeta’s 30 in 30 Challenge and all the artists who traveled along providing motivation and inspiration! We’re off to a good 2014!


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Marilyn, 5x7, Oil ©June Rollins

Marilyn, 5×7, Oil
©June Rollins

Day 22 – 30 in 30 Painting Challenge: I love Marilyn’s sweet disposition and pretty shape; plus, how her blue black feathers look in the sunlight  🙂

Today’s Awareness

Smaller is not necessarily easier 🙂

Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still. -Chinese Proverb

Here A Chick, There A Chick…

And A Rooster Too!

Edward & Friends 16x20, Oil ©June Rollins

Edward & Friends
16×20, Oil
©June Rollins

Days 20 – 30 in 30 Painting Challenge: Margaret, Edward and Marilyn live at John C. Campbell Folk School. A few months ago Edward was rescued from the jaws of a dog. His wounds have healed and he’s getting his moxie back. Even with a residual, slight limp, he thinks he’s boss. Margaret (left), is really the one in charge and Marilyn (right), is the sweetest and my favorite 🙂

Today’s Awareness

One of the difficult things about pulling off a painting you really love that also gets a lot of great feedback, (last week’s Swan), is you wonder, “Can I do that again?” So, I took on a more difficult undertaking. I worked from two of my photos and larger. Can’t compare apples to oranges 🙂

Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still. -Chinese Proverb

I Love My Swan

Swan, 12x16, Oils ©June Rollins

Swan, 12×16, Oils
©June Rollins

Day 16 & 17 – 30 in 30 Painting Challenge: Yesterday morning was 4 failed sketching attempts :/ No benefits in sharing my dirty laundry. Yesterday evening was a “let’s look at this a new way” determination and much better 5th sketch!

I’m normally too tired to paint in the evenings, but getting the sketch right had given me inspiration and energy. Next time I had an awareness, surprised to see, close to midnight! It’s been a long time since I’ve had evening, creative energy or the anticipation upon waking and scurrying to see painting efforts of day before 🙂

Today’s Awareness

Honing drawing skills is a welcomed, rewarding discipline, when “finally getting it right,” leaves me energized and inspired. A sign I’m on the right path.

Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still. -Chinese Proverb

Painting Early This Morning

Kingfisher, Oil, 8x10 ©June Rollins

Kingfisher, Oil, 8×10
©June Rollins

Today’s Awareness

Day 15 – 30 in 30 Painting Challenge: Predawn studio time might be the ticket. Happy to get something down. We won’t even talk about being on unchartered territory 🙂

Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still. -Chinese Proverb