What I Learned In January

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 5.09.27 AM

January paintings, shown above, are hints to a lot of emotional processing. Below are the titles. Wondering if you can match the title to the painting? Of course, if you follow June Rollins ART, you may already know 😉

Love My New Winter Coat, Serious House Hunter, Stepping Out, Finding My Way, On A Mission, Ready For Anything, You Talkin’ to Me!?, Watch Yourself, Game On, Just Between Us, Connected, Dreamscape No. 692 and Watched Over.

Here’s how it works. I peruse copyright free photos or my own until one grabs me. Yes, a particular image chooses me. Holds my attention and draws me in. I kinda get lost in it.

Sometimes I know the title immediate.y. Other times I have to study the finished painting until something surfaces. Either way, whatever emerges feels right. There is an awareness or healing that makes me think, Oh, so that’s it, that’s what’s been going on.

Working from my own deep places often transfer to the viewer. Certain paintings really resonate with certain people. Enough so, that they buy them, which gives me an energizing, intrinsic affirmation of doing what I’m supposed to do.

So, how did that one painting get center stage? The one in the middle, larger than all the rest? Because it hums so much within me, it brings tears. It’s title? Watched Over.

Deep and precious painting to you this month.



2017 Recap & 2018 Direction

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 9.11.41 AMDecember 2017 Oil Paintings Shown Above

I’m among the artists who work a full-time job and purposefully carve out time to paint. This means saying, “No,” to countless other invitations, activities, pastimes, distractions, others’ expectations and yes, even perceived opportunities to preserve not only the time, but more importantly, my energy to paint from a deep place.

I am usually in a much better state of mind and spirit to handle day-to-day responsibilities when a work of art is in process on my easel. Painting for me is like a lifeline.

With that understanding, I was encouraged when reviewing 2017, and realizing I had completed 139 paintings last year. That averages to 2.67 small works per week.

Five of the 139 were trashed. They didn’t make the cut. Another five were donated to fund-raisers or gifted. And 69 sold.

Moving forward into 2018 I want to stay true to course by reaching deeper and deeper and setting my standards higher and higher. Quoting  Carol Marine in her today’s DPW auction, “I have to paint what I’m excited about or I will wither and die.”

Wishing All the best in making those sometimes very hard choices in 2018 that bring life and joy.


November Paintings

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 6.10.45 AMHere are 11 images from works created in November. There were actually 12, but not revealing a surprise, Christmas commission.

Yesterday, Dec. 3, I participated in John C. Campbell Folk School’s Annual Fireside Sale. It was affirming and rewarding to hear feedback and comments from viewers and previous buyers. Twelve originals sold along with lots of cards and calendars.

I’m certainly motivated to continue….

PS: Only 7 Art Calendars  remaining. A great gift for the New Year.

2018 Calendar Cover

October Paintings

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 5.54.33 AMOctober work is a mix of wherever I felt led. I’m still trying to figure out if there is an underlying theme 🙂 Perhaps, fall/winter, dramatic lighting or mood? The one thing that all nine paintings have in common? Eyes.

Discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes. -Marcel Proust

My 2018  Art Calendar, features some of my favorite paintings from 2017, now shipping.

Is That The Same Artist?

Sept Work

Here are my September paintings. A few Alcohol Ink Dreamscapes among some representational oils. When I show both together, people normally don’t think the same artist did them. I must have a clone 😉

So much going on in the world. Not much to say this month. Guess the art will need to speak for me.

Art speaks in signs and symbols. No one can explain how it happens that the artist can waken to life in us the existence that (s)he has seen and lives through. No artistic speech is the adequate expression of what it represents; its vital force comes from what is unspoken in it. -Albert Schweitzer


To see art posts during the month, visit JuneRollinsART



July Focus: Flowers

July 2017Fourteen paintings in July! Focus was flowers with two special requests: a rabbit and a pileated woodpecker.

Oils are suiting my schedule. I love how works in progress patiently wait and invite pondering. I also love how by slowing down, I arrive at different levels of  awareness. It’s amazing how what was not seen the day before is so glaringly apparent the next.

Another benefit of slowing down is reflection. I’ve been at this for a long time. Seventeen years of painting ebbs and flows and twists and turns. A turning point book for me early on was Julia Cameron’s, The Artist’s Way.

I’ve decided to go through her 12 week process again. This will be the 3rd time. Curious to see what happens along the way where it leads.

My August painting focus: Light and Shadow.

PS: I’m teaching a weekend Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping Workshop at John C. Campbell Folk School, March 9-11, 2018. More Info

PPS: The new JCCFS Catalog Cover is a segment from a watercolor I shared progress steps of in earlier posts. The original was donated to the JCCFS and is hanging in Keith House Living Room. See inspiration behind and progression of, Follow The Red Railed Walkway.

2017-18 JCC Cat

Now is the best time for us to begin.

“Every journey begins with a single step.” -Lao Tzu


June Landscapes

July blog

Above are some of my landscapes painted during June. Encouraged that four have already sold.

July focus is florals…

Poppy Love fb

“Poppy Love,” 5×7, Oil, Gessoed Panel, ŠJune Rollins

Ahead of schedule with “Poppy Love.” Grew up loving the poppies in my grandmother’s flower garden; glowing, papery and at my eye level. Needed to follow the pull to paint poppies. Wonderfully, nostalgic.

Can’t say enough about the benefits of online instruction from Bill Inman, more accurately, the Bill Inman Team. His brother, David is the tech guy, orchestrating monthly webinars and live streaming. His wife, Kristi, keeps Bill on schedule and reminds him to eat. And Bill is refreshingly real in his thoughtful, clear and encouraging instruction. Check out why I’m so grateful to have discovered, Master Oil Painting.

Follow my July progress, June Rollins ART

See my paintings up for auction, Daily Paintworks

If you love life, life will love you back.    -Arthur Rubinstein

Wishing all a safe and happy summer!