Dreamscaping Weekend

I had a Dreamscaping weekend because the Alcohol Ink Dreamscapes I have for sale at the John C. Campbell Folk School Craft Shop needed replenishing.

For a creative challenge I decided to see how many varied Dreamscapes could be created with just 3 ink colors.

3-17 AI

Here they are. When I study them I see what I was looking for: warm and cool yellows, reds and blues and a host of neutrals ranging from light to dark in value.

How did I get so much variance?

  • Color Mixing
  • Adding 91% Alcohol or Blending Solution
  • Mixatives: Silver, Gold, Copper, Pearl, Snow Cap


These were my primary triad workhorses.

If you haven’t tried Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping, you may want to give it a go. It’s fun, relaxing and spurs experimental explorations. Learn more in the Dreamscaping Shop.

Happy, Creative Pursuits To All!

When There’s Nothing To Lose…

There’s usually a discovery to be made.

If we take action.

After very carefully and intentionally working on and completing a painting in 2 days, I had some left-over paint on my palette. I would normally toss the residual paint and prepare a new palette for the next thoughtfully and painstakingly planned painting. Not this time. With gesso as my friend to completely cover up whatever mess I would make, I marshaled forward with a devil-may-care, nothing to lose approach…

vengeance complot FB


In 20 minutes instead of 2 days, this emerged. Not my usual, but I’m encouraged. I’m also clueless for a title. *If you have a suggestion, feel free to comment here, or on June Rollins ART. And if so moved, she is up for auction at my DPW Gallery.

*Thanks to Helene Cossette for suggesting the title, “Trusting My Intuition.” Helene said, that is what I did when creating this painting. Thanks to all who suggested titles.

Tired of being so careful, try this…

Paint like there’s nothing to lose. Don’t worry about wasting paint, paper, panel or your time on a wasted, fruitless session. Take on a devil-may-care attitude. Be bold and act as if you know what you’re doing. You just might surprise yourself 🙂

Disaster To Discovery

When photographing iris a couple of weeks ago, happened to notice this composition:

IMG_1778 webThought it would be a good reference photo for an interesting watercolor. Still do, but one struggle lead to another, to another. Soon, there were just too many to fix, hide or pretend, that’s what the artist intended 😉

P1110396After tearing off the remaining clear contact paper that I had read works just like frisket film, I cut up this disaster and flipped it…


Here are more struggles opportunities and a few joyous discoveries on the flip side 🙂 You may recognize some from recent posts on June Rollins Art.

Continuing to intentionally work in this direction. Beginning to list ones with no flip side disasters. Here’s the first:

Joy In The Morning, 5x7, watercolor, ©June Rollins

Joy In The Morning, 5×7, watercolor, ©June Rollins

Opening bid, $24: Joy In The Morning

Wishing all discoveries on the flip side.



Loving These Little Trees

They are really speaking to me right now!

This one is in process, drying on my table as I make this post…

They come into being fairly easily, or not. Some don’t make it. More my fault than theirs. The ones who do come forth, tell me what they want to be named almost instantaneously. Love this connection 🙂

This morning was…

Embracing Change, 7 x 9.5 Watercolor Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Imagine if trees refused to do Autumn? Glad they’re better at embracing change than we are…

Back to the painting table. I hear someone calling my name…


To see more little trees, visit:

My Daily Paintworks Gallery

They are all up for auction, with opening bids of $15

Seems they want to change the world 🙂

Painting Has Message

If you’ve seen my Facebook Page, June Rollins Art  or visited my DPW Gallery lately, you know of my recent fascination for creating Triad Trees. Below is today’s tree in process:

This loose way of tapping paint onto the paper is fraught with unpredictability. An aspect  I love because I can’t go on auto-pilot. I must stay connected to what the paint is doing and follow its lead. Corrections, if any, are a touch here or a lift there, so the art isn’t labored over.

Let The Title Come

This playful, spontaneous approach with no pre-planned sketch often provides insight as to what’s going on inside the artist. When dry, I step-back and ponder to see if a title emerges. Dreamscaping a way to awareness is fun and revealing 🙂

"Standing Her Ground" Watercolor, 6x8 Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

“Standing Her Ground”
Watercolor, 6×8
Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

New auction just listed at:  Standing Her Ground. 


Do You See The Difference…

In These Two Paintings Of Florence?

Florence Before

Florence After


After I completed Florence, I put her away for a few days. When I  looked at her again with fresh eyes, I thought she needed a little “pick-me-up” of some kind.


A  soft-edged, subtle, background, diagonal wash…

seemed to help .

Florence, The Special One

If you’re keeping up with my Facebook Page, you know my latest fascination with Edward & his four lady friends 🙂

Edward & his friends: Marilyn, Margaret, Floosie and Florence, “Flo” to her closest friends, live at John C. Campbell Folk School and I am loving getting to know them through camera lens and paintbrush.

I was delighted to get this reference photo of Florence and have spent the day working on her portrait. She is an Ameraucana and the special one of the group. Maybe because her eggs are a pretty, mint green.

I’ve not yet been accepted into her inner circle to call her “Flo,” but I think she is considering it as she finally posed for the camera. Up until the two photos above, she has pretty much ignored me.

Here is the watercolor of Florence, last, but certainly not least of Edward’s Four. Portraits of Edward and the others are in my Daily Paintworks Gallery.

I’ll share most of the process of this painting over the next few posts. As usual, the first thing I do after the sketch is experiment with colors I want to use, this time, with Florence’s approval, of course 🙂

Edward and his friends are making my Spring a happy one!

Hoping for a happy Spring for all!