July Focus: Flowers

July 2017Fourteen paintings in July! Focus was flowers with two special requests: a rabbit and a pileated woodpecker.

Oils are suiting my schedule. I love how works in progress patiently wait and invite pondering. I also love how by slowing down, I arrive at different levels of  awareness. It’s amazing how what was not seen the day before is so glaringly apparent the next.

Another benefit of slowing down is reflection. I’ve been at this for a long time. Seventeen years of painting ebbs and flows and twists and turns. A turning point book for me early on was Julia Cameron’s, The Artist’s Way.

I’ve decided to go through her 12 week process again. This will be the 3rd time. Curious to see what happens along the way where it leads.

My August painting focus: Light and Shadow.

PS: I’m teaching a weekend Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping Workshop at John C. Campbell Folk School, March 9-11, 2018. More Info

PPS: The new JCCFS Catalog Cover is a segment from a watercolor I shared progress steps of in earlier posts. The original was donated to the JCCFS and is hanging in Keith House Living Room. See inspiration behind and progression of, Follow The Red Railed Walkway.

2017-18 JCC Cat

Now is the best time for us to begin.

“Every journey begins with a single step.” -Lao Tzu


Seeing With “Fresh Eyes”

Follow The Red Railed Walkway, Watercolor, 20×28
© June Rollins

I posted the above image on my Facebook Art Page,  June Rollins ART on June 11. I’ve had it put away and have not looked at it for the past 6 days. Because today, when I brought it out, I wanted to see it with “fresh eyes.”

When I’ve been up close working on a project for a week or two, or even longer, I stop seeing it objectively. This works two ways. I may get caught up in agonizing over minor issues that no one else sees but me. Or, I may be enamored with something that is really not my best work. Not sure which is worse 🙂

During the waiting time I sometimes move onto other projects. Other times, I just accept the creative energy is low and settle into the incubation stage. I look at art books, journal, plan, and of course, dream.

I’m feeling comfortable about taking  Follow The Red Railed Walkway off the board now and moving on.

Happy painting, waiting and seeing with “fresh eyes” for us all!

May I Make A Suggestion…

Sometimes, Just A Hint Or Two Is All That Is Needed…

Early on in the painting process of Follow The Red Railed Walkway, I planted Columbine.

Here is how that first wash looked after it had dried.

Here,  it is after a few little suggestions.

Hint:  Offering A Few Suggestions May Be More Pleasing

Than Telling The Viewer Everything We Know.


If you’ve you’re curious to see the beginning stages of this painting, please visit:

Follow The Red Railed Walkway

Additional images of this painting process currently, at: June Rollins Art

She Saw REDS!

Not a typo.

All reds are not the same. You say, I know that!!!

Then, why do we forget it when we are painting?

See the variance in value, temperature and intensity in these reds, shown above?

I’m using them to my best advantage…

 …to create the illusion of shade,….

…sunlight and all those in-between subtleties.


TIP: To create dynamic color relationships with depth and energy,

Let’s paint what we see and not what we know.


If you’ve missed the beginning stages of this painting, please visit:

Follow The Red Railed Walkway


Thanks to all following my blog, just noticed there’s over a 1,000 of you 🙂

Wishing Everyone:

Seeing as if for the first time joy in your painting today!

Entering Into The Forest…

…where it is quieter and cooler and still.

After removing the masking and pondering for I don’t know how long, felt drawn to work in this area. Here, I am softly, sculpting background woods by gentle lifting with a damp, flat brush.

Adding foliage using triad tree technique.

Feeling calmed and refreshed after a cool, quiet walk in the woods 🙂


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