Alcohol Ink Dreamscapes

Here are some of my earlier Alcohol Ink Dreamscapes

I will be adding to this list 🙂

Newest Dreamscapes are in my Daily Paintworks Gallery.

16 thoughts on “Alcohol Ink Dreamscapes

  1. Love your style of watercolor and the alcohol inks sound wonderful. Love it!
    Where can I purchase this type of ink?

  2. Hi June! well aren’t you just a gift to us that crave those colours and just want to inhale them! When I first saw your ink ones I said “then sings my soul”! So grateful. So thrilled to have found you and will be ordering right after this! Wow!

  3. My 6th grade students practiced drawing trees last week and I saw your project on Pinterest. Going to try this with them next week as we need something fun before the Winter Break!

  4. I bought your book and your DVDs and started playing with alcohol inks ,I absolutely love it ,I have one problem though when I start using the acrylic glazing medium it leaves little particles in the ink is that normal or am I doing something wrong ?

  5. Tina, glad you are enjoying working in AI. Yes, particles forming is natural especially when a generous amount of acrylic glazing liquid is used along with a lot of moving of the mixture. I try to anticipate this happening and use it as texture. Continue to have fun experimenting.

  6. Do you make or buy the tile boxes? I would love to “try” my hand at the alcohol ink tiles as gifts for my twin daughters, yet cannot find boxes without art tiles already attached to boxes.

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