About June Rollins

June Rollins, signature member of Southern Watercolor Society and Watercolor Society of NC,  is the originator of the Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping Process. She has produced 4 Alcohol Ink Dreamscapng DVDs and published, Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping Quick Reference Guide.

June offers beginner and intermediate DREAMSCAPING WITH JUNE ROLLINS® Workshops. Dreamscaping is an intuitive process she developed using experimentation and discovery. She has found this “spirit of play” to be a gateway to enhanced creativity.

She is a regular contributor for Yadkin Valley Living Magazine, www.yadkinvalleyliving.com. And has been published in the Nov/Dec. 2012, Watercolor Artist Magazine, Watercolor Essentials, Tried And True Triads and October 2010 Watercolor Artist Magazine, Creativity Workshop Column, Rough Starts, where she explained the process she uses for creating texture. Her watercolor, Treasures By The Sea, was published in the Summer 2011 issue of American Artist Watercolor as one of the top finalists in their Annual Cover Competition.

Visit her website, DREAMSCAPING WITH JUNE ROLLINS® to see more art and upcoming workshop schedules

For art auctions, visit: My Gallery at DPW

For prints, greeting cards, visit:  June Rollins Fine Art

16 thoughts on “About June Rollins

  1. Hi!

    I have just found your website and am very impressed of your lessons of watercolor painting. As I am a member of a little group of elderly women who meet every week to paint with watercolor, I will use your painting tips and will for the future have your updated sites.

    I lika your way of painting!!!!

  2. Hi June,

    What an inspiring day I spent with you & fellow aspiring watercolorists on Fri!

    Your Jan. 20, 2011 post on The Little Upstart Onion is great! I plan to “work up” a few practice veggies during the week.

    Sunshine to you,

  3. Hi, just found your work in the members gallery of American Artist. I love it! Do you ever come to the west coast to give workshops. If so, please contact me. Also do you sell any videos of your techniques with the alcohol inks?

  4. Jan, thanks for your interest. I visited your website and Jan’s Art Studios looks like a great place.
    I’m currently offering workshops within a couple hours driving distance of where I live, and have plans to expand my geographical area if expenses are covered. At this point, no DVD, but a book and DVD is also something I’m working towards. Thanks again for your positive comments! June

  5. Hey June,

    I loved the alcohol dreamscapes class today in Cheraw! It was so much fun! I looked at your website and enjoyed your watercolor demos very much. I hope to be fortunate enough to participate in other classes you teach!


  6. Hey Donna! We did have fun dreamscaping today. So many new techniques were offered, I’m eager to try a few myself. I hope to see you again soon. And thanks for subscribing to my blog! June

  7. Hi June,

    Wanted to congratulate you on being one of ten finalists in the cover competition of Watercolor magazine, Summer 2011. Your painting is beautifully done and love those waves.

    Have a productive summer and will see you in August,

    Mary Ann Kirschhoch

  8. Hello June, I am so enjoying your Level 1 DVD. I am typically a watercolorist, but loving the saturation & vibrancy of the inks! I am having difficulty finding alcohol inks here in Toronto though. Could you please tell me what colours you used for your “beachy” dreamscapes no.s 87 – 89? Thank you for posting your lovely pictures. Michelle

  9. Hi Michelle,

    Glad you are enjoying the DVD! Thanks for letting me know!

    Colors used, All Adirondack:

    No. 87 – Sailboat Blue, Latte with Gold and Silver Metallics
    No. 88 – sailboat Blue, Currant and Metallic Gold
    No. 89 – eggplant, Currant, and Metallic Silver

    There is another brand available in Canada, Spectrum Noir. They behave a little differently than Adirondack and the colors are brilliant with 168 choices.Here is the link: Canuck Crafts

    Hope that helps!


  10. Hi June,

    Love your work, purchased your book and now the artbytes…great idea. Willl you be giving any workshops in Cape Coral Florida (or near there) this fall/winter. Thanks

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