December 2018 Wrap Up

2018 Martha's Sheep

Here is a collage of 11 significant works created in 2018. They are significant because I had the privilege of stepping into another’s world which presented the challenge of doing my best to interpret my impressions into my art.


Martha said, “The light is best at 5pm. Come then.”

For an hour on April 4th, I observed and received many wonderful photos. I say, “received,” rather than, “took” because it all seemed to be a gift; the golden light, the playful lambs, the protective sheep…

Back home, I began sorting through the photos. In April I painted the following three works. Beginning small with…

Happy To Be Here 5x5 web

Happy To Be Here, 5×5


Golden Girl 5x5 fb

Golden Girl, 5×5


Late Night Snack fb

Della’s Late Night Snack, 8×10

In these April paintings, I’m trying to observe and better know the subject. I’m also experimenting with ways to suggest light and shadow, wool and straw. Martha told me Della had had triplets and could not get enough to eat. I loved the subtle heart shape on her nose. I gave the original to Martha, as a thank you gift.


In May, I wanted to introduce multiple subjects and movement…

On Our Way 8x8 dpw

On Our Way, 8×8

In June, I delved in with all I had and painted these four:

Lambs Unite 8x8 fb

Lambs Unite, 8×8


Welcome To The Club 8x10 copy

Welcome To The Club, 8×10 – 2019 Calendar Cover


Gather Around 12x12 web

Gather Around, 12×12


The Guardians 16x20 web

The Guardians, 16×20, Juried in to NOAPS Fall Online International Juried Competition

I painted other subjects July-Oct, but in Nov., began to revisit the reference photos from that golden afternoon and felt a pull to paint..

Thankful 5x7 web

Thankful, 5×7


Lambs First 8x10 web

Lambs First, 8×10

I had a bigger plan for painting Lambs First in November. It is from a cropped portion of a photo I had wanted to paint since April, but wondered if it was beyond my skill level. Liking the way Lambs First turned out, I set my intention to paint this grand finale in December…

Martha's Place web

Martha’s Place, 16×20

Martha’s Place, fresh off the easel, is still drying. Believe it or not, there are still reference photos from that April 4th day I have yet to paint.

You will enrich your life immeasurably if you approach it with a sense of wonder and discovery, and always challenge yourself to try new things. -Nate Berkus

Last Post

The content on this blog is being deleted and I’m starting fresh in the New Year. My new blog will be on my website.

If interested in continuing to receive my blog posts, you will need to subscribe on my website.

All The Best To Everyone in 2019.

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