May Flowers

May Flowers

My May focus was flowers from my own reference photos. Here are the nine completed paintings of flowers growing in our flower garden except for the daisies that grow naturally by the road where we live. I took many more photos to use as references later, as my June focus will be landscapes.

Summer Storm fb

“Summer Storm,” 4×4, Oil, ©June Rollins

Here’s the first, actually completed for a May assignment in an online oil painting course I’ve enrolled in with Bill Inman. I’ll continue to study and learn from his approach in June. *Many opportunities to begin again as I am learning!

The above paintings, plus more, are up for auction in my Daily Paintworks Gallery.

I’ve posted process steps of some of the above flower paintings and will be posting June Landscapes at: June RollinsART.

*Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely. -Henry Ford


4 thoughts on “May Flowers

  1. June, Thank you for your newsletter. I wanted to share an experience I had last night while watching Bill Inman’s video. First, I have not been drawn to oil painting, yet. I have kept an oil painting set my parents gifted me when I was in high school. A long time ago, since I am 63. Anyway, I was curious about Mr. Inman, so I watched his video where he is completing his rose painting. I had a second where I could smell the roses. I will see where this all leads…just wanted to share my experience! Gratefully, Paula Neys

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