April Birds Bring May Flowers

Here’s an update on my April bird paintings. I completed eight…

april birds

The bird paintings are dry and sealed with retouch varnish. They are now up for auction with opening bids of $35 in my Daily Paintworks Gallery.

If you haven’t already figured out May’s focus…

3 May Flowers 10x10 fb

“Natural Beauty,” 10 x 10, Oil, ©June Rollins

It’s flowers from our flower garden. Enjoying the challenge of working from still life and my own photos. Here is my favorite shrub rose, a subject I also painted last May. Learn more about my Westerland Shrub Rose.

PS: I’ve lost 10 lbs 🙂

I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers. -Claude Monet


4 thoughts on “April Birds Bring May Flowers

  1. New to your site , thank you for sharing it with me . Love your work !!! 🌺

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  2. Love your art and have entered a bid on one. Congratulations on weight loss. I know how good that feels because I lost 40 lbs. not long ago and it was like I had stopped carrying around eight 5 lb. bags of sugar. Back stopped hurting as a positive note for the loss. Martha Kaul

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  3. June, I love your work, you’re very talented. I wished you lived closer to me here in Georgia.

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