It Was Time For A Redo

I had the opportunity to introduce Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping to a guest over the weekend. This art major now in her early thirties, like so many of us, had let art-making get away from her. Believe me, I understand. It takes discipline and resolve to keep creating art vital when working full-time.

I gave a few pointers and encouraged her to experiment. She took to it right away, fascinated with the moving fluidity, transparent brightness and instant responsiveness of the inks.

In the process of sharing with her, I ran across a few of my earlier Dreamscapes that I thought were lacking something and decided to redo one of them to demonstrate how forgiving alcohol inks can be.


Above is Dreamscape No. 277, 5×7, created in Nov. 2012 during my orange and blue period. Adirondack Sailboat Blue and Sunset Orange are a hard to beat combination.


Here is the Dreamscape No. 277 Redo that took about 60-90 seconds. I added alcohol to the sky, dropped-in sailboat blue and the tiniest bit of Rich Gold into the land shapes. Tilted the surface and let gravity do the rest. I like it so much better and have been pondering why. I narrowed it down to these three reasons.

  1. Wider range of values: light, mid and dark
  2. Some of the original shapes juxtaposed with newer, more interesting shapes
  3. Atmospheric quality achieved by lighter values and softer edges in the distance

When I asked her the next morning what she liked most about Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping, she said, “I didn’t have to think. I know about planning and executing. This was just relaxing and fun.”

I think she left inspired and will continue. I hope so.





9 thoughts on “It Was Time For A Redo

  1. I like the new version better too June. The soft texture adds so much to the depth of the piece. At 60 – 90 seconds, I think some more redos are in order! (And I also love your orange anb blue period.) Interesting post! 🙂 Happy creating!!

  2. In adding alcohol to the sky, did you avoid the gold moon or did it just not change? Just wondering in case I someday want to change a sky with a sun or moon in it.


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  3. Hi, I have been trying to contact you for quite a while without success! Not that clever with computers! I had been trying to say how much you inspired me, after a rather traumatic 18 months, with dreamscaping. I have painted in watercolour and Oils for many years but had lost the incentive; you and alcohol inks inspired me to give it a go – with great success. I absolutely love the way the inks act together, and it seems that less is often more successful than trying to hard.

    Thank you so much, and I hope that this gets to you, with no hiccups in the ether! Jean Smith (England)

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  4. Jean, thank you so much for letting me know how alcohol ink dreamscaping has been a positive in your life. Congratulations on your success. You are right, less is more. Thank you again.

  5. Louise, the gold fixative used for the sun when dry is less responsive to reactivating with alcohol. There was a slight softening of the edges. I am mindful not to go over more than 2 or 3 times unless I want it to dissolve more. Give it a try 🙂

  6. I would love to know is if inks are diluted with alcohol to have value changes and was a brush or eye dropper used to apply? And what paper? Watercolor or yupo?

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