Catch The Spirit

Beyond knowledge, beyond method, beyond technique is that elusive quality of spirit we want resonating in our paintings. I believe it is spirit that prompts viewers to catch their breath and be compelled to step closer and explore our work. Spirit often catches us off guard. It surprises us. It awakens joy and brings tears. It stirs forgotten longings and instills hope. Spirit unites us, when we let it in.

This past Christmas, Janna commissioned me to paint “John Henry.” In her own words, here’s why:

I hope everyone has had a blessed Christmas Day. We got up this morning and John Henry went with us to our tree just like all kids do. It’s hard to find something that really impacts my husband because he is not a person that asks for anything. This year I was blessed to find out about an Altavista hometown girl, June Rollins. I commissioned a portrait of our boy, knowing that would be the best gift I could ever give David.  I have never given him a gift that brought tears to his eyes before. He loves the portrait. June Rollins you are so talented and your gift is responsible for giving me an opportunity to make my husband happy. Thank you! I don’t have adequate words for what this means now and for the future.







Wishing All a New Year filled with Spirit.

6 thoughts on “Catch The Spirit

  1. June,

    Thanks so very much for sharing this. I’m speechless and teary and don’t know what to say. This is what life, living and love should be all about 😇

    I have your book and can not wait for a bright, new year to rediscover my painting talents! Thank you for you! You are so inspiring!

    Fondly, Mary


  2. Hi June,
    Happy New Year.
    Your post connected with me two fold. The feeling of ‘Spirit’, that moment of connection, is something we strive for, but too seldom achieve. To touch someone deeply with a commissioned portrait, to have a viewer stand in front of your painting, in a room full of paintings, or to have a student ‘get it’ and see their eyes light up. Sometimes our paintings give back to us affirmation, joy and that ‘spirit’ too.
    Your client and his Rottie share the ‘spirit’ too. To be able to love another without reservation is a gift from God.
    Thank you for sharing,

  3. June, your spirit-graced talent never fails to make me catch my breath. Thank you for always making our world a little more beautiful and thank you for your kind and generous spirit. Merry Christmas and a very happy 2017.

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