Encouraged To Continue…

I don’t paint as much as I used to and I don’t post on this blog as much as I used to either. I’m not as active on social media sites as I once was and this year I declined teaching workshops. It’s not that I don’t want to do any of these activities, it’s that my schedule has changed, as in, I have a job. A full-time, fun, interesting, challenging job that pays into social security and comes with benefits like medical, vision and dental insurance, life insurance and a matching 401K. A job I am very grateful to have. And do I miss my free as a little bird painting days? You bet.


Here’s the other major benefit for which I am most happy. I don’t have the pressure of having to produce an income with my art, I can be a student. I can try new mediums and subjects. I can experiment and create absolutely dreadful paintings that I wouldn’t dare show anyone! I can make discoveries and I can grow.


You don’t have any time to paint because you have a full-time job. I do if I stop doing the things I mentioned in the first paragraph. I also wake-up early, work small and have something always in process.

Plus, online art instruction abounds and is perfect for my “work when you can and at your own pace schedule.” In July of 2015 I signed  up for an online acrylic portraiture atelier with Chantel Barber and devoted the last 12months to working in acrylic. I learned a lot. My intention was to spend the next 12 months in traditional oils, but after 4 days and a constant headache I’ve reconsidered.

This past week, I’ve felt drawn back to watercolor. Portraits in watercolor. Direct sketching on the paper. Working at a high tilt and letting the washes mix and mingle…there have been lots of throw aways and much angst. I’ve been here before and given up. But today, I had a breakthrough. I painted something I love….which encouraged me to share it with you and encourage you to continue too. Whatever your circumstances, continue doing what you love.

"Love," 5x7, Watercolor, © June Rollins

“Love,” 5×7, Watercolor, © June Rollins

See this painting and others in my DPW Gallery



17 thoughts on “Encouraged To Continue…

  1. This is lovely! Good news about your job and glad you keep painting. I used to get so frustrated with WC fails until I started gessoing over them and working in gesso resist or with acrylics or mixed media on top! It’s brought a new dimension to my work, which I really like. Sharing in case it could help you too.

  2. Thank You for sharing your story, it touches home to me and I’m sure many others. I admire your work and hope I have the opportunity to explore more mediums one day as well.

  3. June, you have been an absolute inspiration to me from the first time finding you. I too don’t paint so much either anymore, I’m president of the Villa Rica Arts Coalition and it takes my time daily, then my retired husband and pets take the rest of my free time. I’m not very happy without painting. I need to change this but feel like my hands are tied. I don’t know if you’re into praying, but if you are, please pray for me. I wished you lived close to me. Thanks for listening, Sherrill Taylor Villa Rica, GA

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  4. Sherrill, I’m not very happy without painting either. Yes, I’m into praying. Your dedication to the Coalition and others is commendable. Encourage you to take a small step in direction of your own art too.

  5. Good to hear you are doing well and enjoying your job. I am on the verge of doing just the opposite after I crossed the 30 year mark at App this year. Not quite ready to make the move but very nice knowing it is looming! Best to you!

  6. Best wishes, June! I know how demanding a new job can be- even one that is enjoyable! I have learned so much from you for which I am grateful. Keep painting!

  7. Happy to hear you sound so positive….. As you say… Now you can put all your creativity into “doing art for arts sake”.

  8. I met you at the Campbell Folk School in the gift shop years ago and ordered your videos to do the inks with my daughter with Down Syndrome. Your website and art have inspired me and helped me during many difficult times. Right now I am going to do the alcohol inks with a Bible School group. I am always happiest painting and creating too. Learning how to do Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Painting designs right now with the summer off from school using oils and acrylics. Four weeks to go and so much to learn! Just put them on my etsy website if you want to peek, BlueHandsBoutiqueetsy. Blessings to you as you have been a blessing. Holly

  9. Good post, June. Many of us tend to think we’re super-man/woman, and should be able to do everything, and do it well. Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to step back a little and sometimes our priorities just need to be re-evaluated.
    This post has also given me some thoughts for my weekly newsletter.
    Thanks so much,

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