When There’s Nothing To Lose…

There’s usually a discovery to be made.

If we take action.

After very carefully and intentionally working on and completing a painting in 2 days, I had some left-over paint on my palette. I would normally toss the residual paint and prepare a new palette for the next thoughtfully and painstakingly planned painting. Not this time. With gesso as my friend to completely cover up whatever mess I would make, I marshaled forward with a devil-may-care, nothing to lose approach…

vengeance complot FB


In 20 minutes instead of 2 days, this emerged. Not my usual, but I’m encouraged. I’m also clueless for a title. *If you have a suggestion, feel free to comment here, or on June Rollins ART. And if so moved, she is up for auction at my DPW Gallery.

*Thanks to Helene Cossette for suggesting the title, “Trusting My Intuition.” Helene said, that is what I did when creating this painting. Thanks to all who suggested titles.

Tired of being so careful, try this…

Paint like there’s nothing to lose. Don’t worry about wasting paint, paper, panel or your time on a wasted, fruitless session. Take on a devil-may-care attitude. Be bold and act as if you know what you’re doing. You just might surprise yourself 🙂

8 thoughts on “When There’s Nothing To Lose…

  1. Hi – my sentiments exactly! I used to paint at school (many centuries ago!) but got married and had two children. Unfortunately I lost my husband very young, and somehow I took up painting again – it was a life-saver. I used to hang my paintings in a gallery in Wargrave, a small village in Berkshire (England), and the artists could man the shop in payment for hanging. On one occasion another artist joined me for the day, it was the first time we had met, but he had admired my work, and he said how ‘peaceful and calming’ my paintings were. I couldn’t understand this, as my mind was anything but peaceful; but I realised that when I paint no other thoughts seem to intrude. I explain this just in case it might help someone else going through tough times.

    Since seeing you (June Rollins) on You Tube I have been doing some ‘dreamscapes’ and absolutely love this medium. I have used some of them to put on the lid of small boxes, which I have painted in suitable colour, and have managed to sell several, very encouraging. I have attached three photos (not brilliant) which I hope you like. Thank you so much for introducing me to this medium! Jean (Smith)

  2. I always try to be frugal with my art supplies because they are costly. But you are absolutely right! I do my best when I have a devil may care attitude! Amazing isn’t it!

  3. June, the aesthetic sense, I feel, from your portrait painting reflects a strong personality, and reminds me of a poem I read by Ariara

    “She made broken look beautiful
    and strong look invincible.
    She walked with the universe
    on her shoulders,
    and made it look like a pair of wings.”

    Thanks for sharing your excellent painting.


  4. Hmmmmm……… Would be my title for this painting. This person looks like a someone who has heard someone tell something that going to have to be pondered upon before being believed!

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