Back To School

Wrapping up summer by making a daily painting commitment. Maybe you need a back to school boost too?

I’m taking on Leslie Saeta’s 30 In 30 September Painting Challenge.

Without a doubt, daily painting challenges have been fun and beneficial. Collages and  links of previous challenges shown below:

2015 30 In 30 Collage, ©June Rollins

2015 30 In 30 Collage, ©June Rollins

Jan. 2015 30 In 30

Jan. 2014 30 In 30


2013 Jan 30 in 30

Jan. 2013 30 In 30

In July 2013… 38 Dreamscapes in 31 Days

38 In 31 is a slideshow link of all these works. It takes a few seconds to load.


It’s been encouraging and beneficial to look back on these efforts to gear up for the 2015 September Challenge.

I won’t be posting here every day in Sept. as I have previous 30 in 30 challenges. To follow each day’s painting on Facebook, like June Rollins Art. I’ll only be writing a blog post here with the collage summary at the end of Sept/early Oct.

Until then, wishing all happy painting and joyous productivity!


4 thoughts on “Back To School

  1. I am still debating if I am going to sign up for the September challenge as I have a lot of thing happening in September and the challenges does take a lot of time. I will look forward to seeing your post at the end and I will try to follow the FC page – good luck and have fun!

  2. Your 30 in 30 paintings are gorgeous June! I had my first ever art show (33 paintings….all alcohol inks!) here in Charlotte last February…it was very successful, but after it was over, I kind of went into hibernation mode with my art work. Your work seems to be getting better and better with challenging yourself to paint daily, and this inspires me greatly!! Thank you for sharing!!

  3. Thank you Lynne. Congratulation on your Feb. 2014 show!!! Glad to hear of its success. Hibernation mode is good, necessary rest/incubating going on underneath the surface for the next visible creative surge 🙂

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