Dead Center

bee balm blooming web

Bee Balm, Monarda, is currently blooming in our yard. I saved this purple, low growing variety from Lowe’s clearance rack a couple of years ago.

bee balm sketch 2

It smells wonderful and is a fun subject to sketch and watercolor.

Bee Balm 5x7 2

Happy with this watercolor study.


Decided to make more complex…

BB #2 web

Why didn’t somebody tell me about the bloom that is almost dead center?


Today’s life lesson has reminded me of something I either read or heard in a workshop some years ago. The instructor told us,

Unless we consciously and deliberately choose not to put a subject/focal point in the center of our composition, we will.

First thing this artist did was put a small “x” in the center of her paper as a reminder.

I think I’ll begin doing the same 😉

It’s not what we know. It’s what we do. 

7 thoughts on “Dead Center

  1. The painting is beautiful! It really captures the delicacy and intricate petals in the flowers. Thank you!

  2. Of course you are right about the center, but I think your rendition is lovely. I especially like the intermingling of greens and purples. it is so subtle that it is a lovely surprise.

  3. Hahaha, good reminder to intentionally put something NOT dead center, because it’s true for me, if I don’t think about it ahead, I will!!! Nice flowers, however!!!!!!!

  4. It could have worked well as a Small Bud and adding an additional smaller flower. Sometimes, Nature’s arrangement needs to be altered in a painting. This can also be fixed with Watercolor ground and repainted.

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