Listen For The Drumming

One morning when out with my camera photographing iris, I heard nearby drumming coming from the woods near the back of our house. I followed the sound and was delighted to discover the Pileated Woodpecker that I’d often seen flying by.

Could I get closer without him seeing me?

pileated ref webReference photo for my most recent watercolor.


“Little Drummer Boy,” 14 x18, Watercolor, © June Rollins

From what I learned about Pileated Woodpeckers, this is a young male who appears to have established his territory around where we live. He is life-size in the painting. Our own Little Drummer Boy.

Listen for the distant drumming. Wishing all unexpected discoveries!



4 thoughts on “Listen For The Drumming

  1. June, it is a beauty! We recently saw one here in CT and it was so big. I would say the size of a vulture. They are so beautiful. You have captured him in all his glory!

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