Tulip Study

It may look like I’m painting from a photo, but look closer to see the tulip is in an ikebana. I put white paper behind it to help me see the tulip.


I’ve made a loose sketch and selected my colors.

P1110276I’m working at a tilt and am adding a loose, wet wash of Holbein Indian Yellow.


Working wet-into-wet, I add touches of Holbein Cadmium Green Pale.


Wet glazing with Holbein Brilliant Orange.


Wet glazing with Holbein Cadmium Red Purple.


I’ve done some negative painting and am now lifting out shapes for definition.

Tulip Study, 7x8, Watercolor ©June Rollins

Tulip Study, 7×8, Watercolor, ©June Rollins

It’s especially rewarding to paint the flowers I’ve grown. This is the first for 2015. Hope to be doing more.

Tulip Study now up for auction : Click Here To Bid

One thought on “Tulip Study

  1. This is beautiful. I love your work. I will be tied up for a while, after that I plan to take classes from your videos.

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