Inspired To Paint These Cows :)

Reference Photo, ©June Rollins

Reference Photo, ©June Rollins

I’ve grown fond of the these cows I drive by twice a day 6 days a week on Brasstown Rd. Even though I’m often in a hurry, pre-occupied or tired, I always look for them. On this day, soon after they had just gathered around a fresh hay bale, I knew I had to stop and take some reference photos for a painting. I was delighted and inspired to paint from this humorous image I received.

Later, I described the setting to one of my co-workers who laughed and responded with, Sorry, Private Party. I immediately knew Kayla had just given me the title for my painting.

How To Receive Inspiration During a Typical Day

Notice what you are repeatedly drawn to during the course of a typical day. Zero in and become more aware of whatever it is. Each day, even while rushing by, consciously, take note. Wait for and be ready to receive perfect, and perhaps unexpected, picture-perfect, moments 🙂

Cows Traveling To Tennessee In April

Sorry, Private Party, 12 x 28, Watercolor, ©June Rollins

Sorry, Private Party, 12 x 28, Watercolor, ©June Rollins

Sorry, Private Party, has been accepted into the 38th Southern Watercolor Society Annual Juried Exhibition to be held at the Customs House Museum in Clarksville, TN, May 8th – July 5th.

Next post will share the painting steps behind this watercolor.

Enjoy The Journey.

9 thoughts on “Inspired To Paint These Cows :)

  1. I just love your “Cows.” They really exhibit your talents as a watercolorist. And congrats on being accepted in the Southern Watercolor Show. Love your post. Thanks for keeping inspiration alive in me! Love you and miss seeing you. Tell Rob “Hello” from the Piedmont realm. Paulette

  2. Congratulations on the acceptance, June! Well deserved. I love the painting and the backstory. Just saw your DVD’s being offered on Creative Catalyst. I’m so glad all your hard work and experimentation has brought you such respect and acclaim. Also, well deserved.

  3. What a wonderful painting!! Your watercolors have always been my inspiration! So much fun to get your blog. We miss you here!!

  4. I have been following your amazing art and incredible talent. I have also watched several of your YouTube videos. You are an inspiration. My favorite is alcohol ink and I need to breakdown and buy your videos. Thank you.

  5. Beautiful, June! I didn’t realize you painted so realistically… this new for you?

  6. Thank you, Everyone! Lynne, originally began in watercolor by painting from my photos 14 years ago. I’ve explored different styles, mostly representational.

  7. June–love the photo, the story AND the painting! And what a great outcome too!
    Really great to see you at the Craft Shop last week.

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