Big Bear Completed – Step 6

Step 9

Before tinting previously masked grasses, I stepped back from the painting to consider any final adjustments or improvements. Another way to do this, especially when working large, is to take a digital and study the thumbnail on your monitor.

Big Bear, 21x29, Watercolor ©June Rollins

Big Bear, 22×30, Watercolor
©June Rollins

I tinted the grasses and used gouache to lighten some areas in the distant mountains I thought were distracting.

ref photo

When you compare my watercolor to Franklin’s photo, you can see I simplified the land shapes. I intentionally placed a darker valued land shape to lead the viewer’s eye and to help move Big Bear forward. I also added a distant skyline.

This is the last post of a series focusing on the stages of painting Big BearThis painting is being donated to, 1st Annual Live United Gala, a local United Way fundraiser.

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