Lifting Highlights – Step 5

Step 7

On dry surface, I’m lifting color with a Fritch Scrubber to create highlights and soften edges.

Step 8

These lifted areas also provide a general roadmap for placement of darker values.


This is part of a series of posts focusing on the stages of painting Big Bear.

2 thoughts on “Lifting Highlights – Step 5

  1. Thanks again for your awesome Big Bear tutorial.

    I was wondering if the fritch scrubber is the absolute best item you’ve found for lifting watercolor? It would be the only item I’d need to order from Cheap Joes so with the shipping it might be kind of pricey. That’s okay tho if it works well. Some “tools just do the job better than anything else and so they are actually an investment (from my perspective).

  2. Rita, the Fritch Scrubber will rough up the paper a little. I didn’t mind that in this application. When lifting in watercolor, I always try the most gentle approach, first. Other good lifting tools are flat brushes, sponges, old toothbrushes and even a Magic Eraser. Why don’t you experiment with what you have on hand before ordering.

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