Day 20

Day 20, Water-media, ©June Rollins

Day 20, Watermedia, ©June Rollins

This one kept pulling me in. It was like I was in the setting walking around.


Here is how it began. I put down an expressive first wash, let it dry and then sensed what wanted to appear, ideally with minimum adjusting. It wanted a complete overhaul! That’s fine, seemed like a pleasant enough place 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Day 20

  1. Hello June – I wonder if you see somewhere that 27 cat lovers is me Helen Cossette. I don’t know how this works. I had registered a long time ago. Anyway, that painting is just beautiful….another one..! The dark among the trees is a style that has always fascinated me. I love it..

  2. a bit of a change from what you have been doing – I really like the negative work in the background – wel done!

  3. I think this is absolutely beautiful. Quite different from your usual. I think you should explore this more. Oh and I like the one on top of this newsletter. It is dark , but could not be any other way. Of course, to me, it is lava.

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