Third Time’s The Charm

One of the greatest characteristics about alcohol inks is that they can easily be re-worked. Here’s an example of what I mean with the re-working of Dreamscape No. 596:

First Attempt

Some parts I loved, some I didn’t. The sky texture became a little too rough and the white rectangle in lower right quadrant was an eye-grabber.

Second Attempt

Better, but when I looked at it the next morning, it felt “choppy.” I was willing to lose it by re-working again.

Third Attempt

Dreamsacpe No. 596 3web

Toned down the whites, added gold highlights and lost some edges.

Felt good about signing this one.

I actually like the patina that develops when alcohol inks are re-worked and layered. I often re-work, not for the purpose of correcting, but creating.

Some mediums are more agreeable to re-working than others. There’s always gesso and collage for extreme therapeutic measures 🙂

Bring out your not so favorites and give them another chance. Happy Discoveries!


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