Autumn Beginnings

No one can tell me Autumn is just about endings, unless you believe that in every ending, there is a beginning. Gardeners and people of deep faith know this. Maybe they are one in the same. I know my hands digging in rich dirt and my heart rejoicing over tender green shoots is for me a spiritual exchange.

Newly planted Iris building energy for glory awakening Spring 2015.

Newly planted Iris building energy for Spring 2015 glory awakening. Those small, emerging side shoots give me all kinds of hope to hold onto through the winter.

Dare I be so bold to name this experience, “Co-creating.” Even though I have heard my husband pronounce confidently from the pulpit, “We are all co-creators with God.”

Whatever it is, it nourishes my soul beyond words and I am overjoyed  to be planting this Autumn, hoping through Winter and envisioning next Spring’s glory.

Remembering earlier Iris I've grown that were models for all About Iris Series.

Remembering earlier Iris I’ve grown that became models for all About Iris Series.

Above blooming iris photo from earlier post, Become A Better Artist…

Iris No. 18 10x14, Watercolor © June Rollins

Iris No. 18
10×14, Watercolor
© June Rollins

See more Iris paintings, All About Iris

Plans are being made now for me to teach techniques used to create All About Iris Series, Spring 2015 at Tri-County Community College, Murphy, NC.


Now, to tell Rob his other birthday gift was 200 Daffodil bulbs 🙂

3 thoughts on “Autumn Beginnings

  1. June, I totally agree about faith, creation, rebirth and gardening. We are co-creators, be it art or gardening. Right now the asters, mums, Japanese anemonies, and heleanthus are all in their glory. Congratulations on your award in Wilson at the WSNC exhibit. I was hoping to finally meet you there, but realize what a long drive it is. Thank you for sharing your love of alcohol ink and painting in general.

  2. Thank you, Ginnie! Yes, schedule did not allow me to attend WSNC Annual Show. Honored to have received award recognition. Want to learn more about flowers you mentioned. Look forward to meeting you soon 😉

  3. Iris is one of the most amazing flower to me, I love every thing about it! colors, shape,they have personality if I can use that word here elegant! Congratulations on your award June!

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