Painting Has Message

If you’ve seen my Facebook Page, June Rollins Art  or visited my DPW Gallery lately, you know of my recent fascination for creating Triad Trees. Below is today’s tree in process:

This loose way of tapping paint onto the paper is fraught with unpredictability. An aspect  I love because I can’t go on auto-pilot. I must stay connected to what the paint is doing and follow its lead. Corrections, if any, are a touch here or a lift there, so the art isn’t labored over.

Let The Title Come

This playful, spontaneous approach with no pre-planned sketch often provides insight as to what’s going on inside the artist. When dry, I step-back and ponder to see if a title emerges. Dreamscaping a way to awareness is fun and revealing 🙂

"Standing Her Ground" Watercolor, 6x8 Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

“Standing Her Ground”
Watercolor, 6×8
Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

New auction just listed at:  Standing Her Ground. 


7 thoughts on “Painting Has Message

  1. This tree transpire a real ” Joie de vivre ” ! Joy of living ! This coming winter, closed in and having to be more careful with alcohol inks, I intend to do more water colors. You bet that I will paint trees. Your inspiring paintings will warm my heart. Thank you lovely woman.

  2. It reminds me of Summer & Autumn meeting, & the Seasons ‘Changing of the Guard’ so to speak!

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