Simple Secret To Moody Watercolor Tree Effects

Don’t Interfere

Partly Cloudy Triad Tree 7x7, Arches 140lb., CP Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Moody Triad Tree
7×7, Arches 140lb., CP
Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Here’s a Triad Tree with a little more mood! Rather than leaving the background white, a wet-in-wet sky has been added simulating clouds. The sun is still shining through though 🙂

The effects seen in this watercolor are from very little brushwork. The sky is the only area the brush touched the paper. For tree foliage, pigment was tapped in. Tree trunk and branches were created with a palette knife.

The most important technique in this process is not interfering. To increase odds of pulling this off, step away from the painting, check e-mail, make a cup of coffee or change a load of laundry.

By not going back into the painting during this critical, incubation stage, the pigment and water naturally blend to form wonderful organic edges with varied intensity, hues and values.


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5 thoughts on “Simple Secret To Moody Watercolor Tree Effects

  1. Wow, I love what adding the background did for the triad tree. I am anxious to go back and try this exercise again. We miss you here in this part of the state. Hope all is well. Cindy Boals

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  2. I had written a comment on another painting of yours. Then I forgot my password and will look for it later I mean the painting. I like the tree a lot but right now, it is the alc. inks that I could have for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Completely addicted !… Water colors will not give this luminous effect as much. Still I also like working with them. Need to get the paper though and will for sure try your tree. I love all of what you do. You are an excellent painter, generous with your tutorials and very much appreciated. Thank you with all my heart…. Helen

  3. I saw this tutorial online a while back. I tried it but I think I was tempted to mess during that critical stage. . . You have inspired me to try it again! Nice one June! Cheers. 😀

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