Why Are You So Edgy?

Because It Works!

Dreamscape No. 561, 3x5, Alcohol Inks With Acrylic Glazing Dreamscaping With June Rilins®

Dreamscape No. 561, 3×5
Alcohol Inks With Acrylic Glazing Liquid
Dreamscaping With June Rilins®

Talking about edge variety: smooth, blended, lost, fuzzy, hard, soft, sharp, fractured, ruffled, wiped…etc. You get the idea. Dreamscape No. 561, shown above, is all about edge variety. Click on it to enlarge and study all the different edges.

One of the characteristics of beginning work is all the edges are the same, usually hard and outlined. To add more  visual interest…

Be a little edgy! Use a variety of innovative, interesting edges in your art. And if things get too intense, lose an edge now and then 🙂

Have fun experimenting today!

8 thoughts on “Why Are You So Edgy?

  1. It could be about life and all the layers and edges. Where you show the soft “rolling” grey near the bottom could be where a person is taking first steps – finding their “wings”, etc.

  2. Bless you and thank you – your book is extremely helpful – next dvds – but checking on your blog helps too as there always a tip or suggestions – thanks 😉

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