Is There Danger In Loving Our Paintings Too Much?

I could never let go of this!

This is something I’ve heard other artists say about their originals and I’ve been and am guilty of the same. Could this love for our precious paintings eventually destroy us?

We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious. – Gollum

While we might not suffer Gollum’s fate, this over-attachment to our past paintings, could qualify us as hoarders 🙂 Having run out of wall space, we may find our precious originals stuck behind doors, inside of closets and under beds. Or, worse, we could become stuck, living high off past laurels and stop risking and growing as artists.

Because I’m currently letting go of watercolors that had become My Preciousnesses, I’ve been pondering the above. I’ve gifted some and others are now in galleries. When one sells, I’m happy for the income and moved a painting has been valued enough by another for them to buy it. At the same time I also feel a sense of loss. It’s uncomfortable.

If I stay with the uncomfortable feeling, other awarenesses surface. Fear, will I be able to paint another as good? Loss of identity, who am I without this physical evidence of my self-worth? If I sit with those feelings long enough, a tiny trickle of a sense of freedom and liberation begin to trickle in. Then, a feeling of lightness, like floating. And before you know it…I feel encouraged and energized that my art is being enjoyed in someone else’s home or office. Inspiration wells and…


Standing Tall, 7x10 Watercolor Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Standing Tall, 7×10 Watercolor
Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

…I’m fueled to begin again!

Standing Tall, barely dry, already has a new home, and continuing in the spirit of not hanging on to my precious paintings…

I just put this one up for auction with a crazy, low $5 opening bid, in case anyone is interested 🙂

New Every Morning, 7x10 Watercolor Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

New Every Morning, 7×10 Watercolor
Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Bids are being received for this painting at: New Every Morning

Enjoy the journey!




5 thoughts on “Is There Danger In Loving Our Paintings Too Much?

  1. what I have found is that if I make color copies or prints of my paintings or atc’s they are easier for me to let go of them because that way I can still look at them from time to time.

  2. You are spot on. I have a few pieces that I just can’t let go of yet and I think it’s holding me back from painting more pony watercolours. I’m even in a small local art gallery where I could hang these easily and just can’t. I love them on my walls a bit too much still. But I do enjoy the feeling when others love my art so much they purchase it for them to enjoy. That idea is freedom for sure.
    peace n abundance,

  3. Been there also…. but this past year.. I have gifted 33 pieces of my artwork. and joined an art abandonment group. and sold some pieces also. It feels good to clear out some of my work and to let others see it too. I always take good 8×10 photos of my work… so can always see them or get prints if I choose to. But it is difficult to let go of them, for sure.

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