Watercolor Dreamscaping – Observing Simplicity

This morning I’m feeling drawn to simplicity and being an observer in the painting process.

Less is not only more, it’s liberating. One touch of the brush on the paper and stepping away. Amazed at how much better the result, when attuned to the naturally occurring effects of pigment and water on paper.

Dreamscaping in Watercolor puts me in a place of watchful awareness and quiet wonderment.

A good place to be.


3 thoughts on “Watercolor Dreamscaping – Observing Simplicity

  1. One of the things that sets you apart, June, is your ability to see when not to interfere with the process you’ve set in motion. Restraint is nothing without those first perfectly chosen marks, though. Wonderful.

  2. Love this sentiment. I seem to need this lesson over and over as I daily try to intervene too much in the process. This life lesson applies to so much more than painting.


  3. I agree with the above comments. I only have one of your “creations” but I crave more of them. I look forward to your emails and open them quickly. Thank you for sharing your thoughts as you create.

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