Said Goodbye to Clyde This Week

Clyde was my little companion for the past 15+ years.

Yesterday, I walked to the mailbox alone for the first time in 15 years deeply feeling his absence.

Rob holding a very happy Clyde :)

Aug. 2012 – Rob holding a very happy Clyde 🙂

Declining health complications with no response to medicine and not a candidate for surgery led to the hard decision I made April 14th. It helped when the vet said, “You’re doing the right thing.” Clyde was a little fighter. Still had his sweet, spunky spirit and wagging tail, still wanted to patrol the property boundaries to make sure we were safe. But because of a collapsing trachea, breathing difficulties and resulting chronic cough, he couldn’t get any rest.

Why Am I Sharing This On An Art Blog?

Because there is life outside of art. And life happens.

Sometimes there is more time for art and sometimes there is less. There are seasons and transitions between seasons…and it’s all okay and there is something each season has to teach us.

I am encouraged to see spring happening in the mountains this year; white and pink dogwoods coming into bloom, leaping black calves and dancing white lambs on pastures turning green, mountains fluffing up with foliage, birds flittering and twittering all about everywhere. In all of this I see the hope and promise of all things new….

Last week someone said, “April is a hard month for you.” She knew I had lost my mom last April 9th. She would have been 91 this April 14. The day I made the difficult decision to let Clyde go.

I am currently  in an in-between soul-searching, journaling, imagining, seeking transition. It involves loss, change, letting go and moving on. How do I live out and express my art now?


If like me, you are in a transition between seasons, I encourage you to make any necessary, hard decisions and hold on to the hope and promise of all things new.

27 thoughts on “Said Goodbye to Clyde This Week

  1. I understand your loss and empathize. It is heartwreching to have to make the decision to let our pets go but it is a responsibility we accept when we take them into our home. Clyde will be waiting at the rainbow bridge.

  2. So sorry for your loss. I’ve been there & understand. I lost my Mom unexpectedly 3 yrs. ago, followed by my cat a few months later. Now I am dealing w/ health issues that are slowing down my art production, so I just keep trying to do what I can. Thanks for the encouraging words & my sympathies go out to you !

  3. So sorry June and Rob for your loss. We have also let several of our dogs move on to the Rainbow Bridge. It just plain hurts. Hugs to you both,
    Kathi and Dick

  4. Of course, this belongs on an art blog; the ones we love affect the way we see our world. I am sorry for your losses, June. I am ever heartened by your grace and generous spirit. You did the right thing, the unselfish thing, the hard thing. Peace.

  5. Dear June,

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your little pet. We love our animals as deeply as we do our children. I’m sure he had a wonderful life this past 15 years and could not have been loved more.

    Thinking of you,

    Sharon Parker

  6. My heart and love go out to you and Rob on your loss. I also agree
    with your sharing. Life effects how we perceive and inspires our perception in whatever direction. You are one of the kindest most compassionate, loving people I have never had the pleasure of meeting, yet. You acted compassionately and selflessly to end his suffering before it became too much. That he left on the same day as your Mom says to me he will have an amazing companion to care for while he waits for you. Be gentle with yourself. Transitions are often a time to simply be wherever you are, until you are no longer. Bless your hearts.

  7. The circle of those who care about us is wider than we usually know. These are the times to reach out and feel it. I share the experiences you and others have had and another transition time as well. It is a beautiful spring and I rejoice in it! And I know you will too.
    MJ Martin

  8. I am so sorry to hear about Clyde, your beloved companion. However much we want to have our pets remain with us we know in our hearts when it is time to allow them to leave. You made the right decision and the hurt will remain for a long time to come. When you are ready though Clyde will guide your hand as you paint and you will experience him in a new and wondrous way.

  9. I lost my soul-mate, Kierra (a rescue, part German Shepard and part collie and big and cuddly and so much more) nearly two years ago, followed very shortly by my art teacher and then soon after that by my painting partner. Not an easy year and it took some time to finally get to the point of appreciating all they had offered my life and realizing how fortunate I was to have known each of them. Hopefully you’ll soon be able to go past the loss and focus on all Clyde offered you in your time together.

  10. June, you have my heartfelt sympathies on your loss. Our four legged fur babies, feathered friends and, as my grandson reminds me, our finned friends, come to mean so much for us. They take up as much space in our hearts as a child. All those memories are bittersweet. Making that decision is so hard. But, if Clyde was suffering, it was the right decision. My thoughts and prayers are with you. ❤

  11. Dear June, So sorry for your loss. Our little cats are definitely important and honored members of the family. I am positive little Clyde couldn’t have had a better life or been loved more. Sincerely, Patty Stewart

  12. Thank you for your comments and I sympathize with you about the loss of your little “member of the family”.

  13. There is no right or wrong way to greive a loss of a special friend. We all go through the terrible experience in our own way and our own time. You must take care of yourself and have patience with yourself. But know you are not alone. Hopefully soon the hurt will begin to fade and the happy memories will out number the painful ones. It sounds like you have many many happy memories with Clyde!

  14. So sorry to hear about Clyde. Our little furry babies bring so much love to us. I truly understand your pain and loss June. Thanks for sharing. Maybe, he’ll inspire you to do something that involves nature and pets♥

  15. So very sorry for your loss. I do know how you are feeling, and like everything else – it does get easier with time. But that doesn’t help right now does it?

  16. So sorry for your loss. He was lucky to have a loving home. Like you, my little dog died at 15 years. He had become such a big and beautiful part of my life. Sending you a big hug. And yes you did make the right albeit hard decision. x

    Sent from my iPad


  17. June, Sorry to hear your beautiful Clyde has passed away. It is never easy to say goodbye to our special pets. They become such an important part of our life and our daily routine. They are always there in good times and in bad. I feel your pain as we lost our beautiful Ned Kelpie last December. You think the day will never come, but as night turns to day, it does. Hope you enjoy this little quote by Helen Keller.

    What we have once enjoyed we can never lose.
    All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.

  18. ::Big Hugs:: I am so sorry for your losses.
    “… what we have enjoyed, we can never lose … all that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” ~Helen Keller

  19. Dear June, making the decision to give a beloved pet his final rest is so difficult. I have had to do it several times and each time I said never again, but I always bring another one into my home. They bring such joy to us. I feel for you.


  20. It happened in April but just saw it now. June, for me, this is the worse pain of all, loosing an animal that we love so much. My heart goes to you.

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