Alcohol Inks On Glass Tile Observations

Dreamscape No. 533, 4x4, Alcohol Inks, Glass Tile Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Dreamscape No. 533, 4×4, Alcohol Inks, Glass Tile
Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Because of number of inquiries I’ve received from posting Dreamscape No. 533 on Facebook yesterday, decided to respond here.

Supplies Used:

Adirondack Alcohol Inks: Gold & Silver Mixatives, Caramel, Stream

Piñata Alcohol Ink: Blanco

Lowes 4″x 4″ Glass Tile (purchased on clearance at Lowe’s. May not be a normally stocked item. Online search shows same tile in a 3×6.)

Glass tiles are tinted. 1/4" thick with a white backing.

Glass tiles are tinted. 1/4″ thick with a white backing.


1. Transparent alcohol inks turned dark and seemed to disappear on the tinted glass tile. Incorporating Blanco and Mixatives made inks opaque and caused them to stand out.

2. Scraping back to the glass created darks instead of lights as on white ceramic tile. Also gave a sense of depth because of 1/4 tinted transparent glass. Especially visible in lower portion of image below:

Dreamscape No. 534, 4x4, Alcohol Inks, Glass Tile Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Dreamscape No. 534, 4×4, Alcohol Inks, Glass Tile
Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Inks used for No. 534: My favorite triad, plus, Blanco, Silver and Gold.

Still Testing

While I am loving these effects, still working this out! Some of the finished tiles have exhibited ink flaking.

Thanks for your inquires. Have fun. Please comment if you have anything to add from your own experimentation of working with alcohol inks on glass.

Interested in learning more about Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping? Check out my 4 DVDs and book:

Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping Guide

8 thoughts on “Alcohol Inks On Glass Tile Observations

  1. Hi, June. I have done several of these. But I find the color somehow disappears or doesn’t show richly. Also, when you put the tile down on a table near the light, or display it, you really can’t see it. This is especially true at night. I haven’t tried using Piñata very much for this. But I feel that in some sense, Piñata, may take over the principal idea of having a a glass tile.

    I have been using acetate with acrylic and ink. And I find they look pretty when looking down, but if you imagine it framed, it loses something.

  2. I have found blanco by Piñata to always flake when used on tile. I did a study to see if it was just one bad batch but no. Every 10 samples flaked. I wrote the company about my findings and never heard back. I also posted about this in our old ai group.
    Too bad! The tiles are pretty! Snow Cap will not flake.

  3. Blanco is the only Pinata color I have and I used it with Adirondack ink on dominoes. Whether by itself or mixed well with Adirondack, I found if it was evenly thick I had no problems. If the edge was thinner than the center, then the edge would lift and curl. None ever came off, but you could see the curled ridge and feel under the edge with your fingernail. Patty

  4. June, Using alcohol inks, how do you get your suns and moons so round? I drop a tiny drop of paint on a background on tile and it almost always spreads to a lopsided moon or sun.

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