Entering Into Lent

I took this photo of Lenten Roses last week at John C. Campbell Folk School.

I would like to say I was reflectively, meandering around with my 35mm Canon seeking and receiving nature’s gifts. Something that has always renewed and restored my spirit at a deep, core level.

But, I wasn’t. I was rushing by, my mind racing ahead of me, already on the next task at hand. It was more of a yearning tug than a low lying blur of magenta that made me stop. I hesitated, debating. Did I have time to look closer? The tug was beseeching, compelling me to turn around and go back. I knelt down and was immediately taken in. This infusing feeling of connection I experience in nature, I’ve missed it so.

The above quick photo taken with my iPhone, attempts to share the experience.

Entering into this season of Lent, I want to stop, turn around and go back.

5 thoughts on “Entering Into Lent

  1. Sometimes, the sign is there, but folks don’t bother to see it; I am so glad you did, June. Hellebores are one of the most welcome sights of early spring. They are the promise of brighter days ahead. Thank you for sharing your moment. I feel the rush of joy from that clump of blush magenta.

  2. June, thank you for being real…..for sharing your passion and your struggle (things tugging and pulling for attention), and for your example to stop and take this beautiful photo! You just breathed life into me, and I’m going out into this beautiful sunny Oregon day. Thanks so much, June! I appreciate you.

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