Here A Chick, There A Chick…

And A Rooster Too!

Edward & Friends 16x20, Oil ©June Rollins

Edward & Friends
16×20, Oil
©June Rollins

Days 20 – 30 in 30 Painting Challenge: Margaret, Edward and Marilyn live at John C. Campbell Folk School. A few months ago Edward was rescued from the jaws of a dog. His wounds have healed and he’s getting his moxie back. Even with a residual, slight limp, he thinks he’s boss. Margaret (left), is really the one in charge and Marilyn (right), is the sweetest and my favorite 🙂

Today’s Awareness

One of the difficult things about pulling off a painting you really love that also gets a lot of great feedback, (last week’s Swan), is you wonder, “Can I do that again?” So, I took on a more difficult undertaking. I worked from two of my photos and larger. Can’t compare apples to oranges 🙂

Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still. -Chinese Proverb

2 thoughts on “Here A Chick, There A Chick…

  1. Hi June. It’s been fun following along during your 30 day painting challenge. I’ve enjoyed so many of your paintings and, as the kids say, “you’re cookin’ with gas!” Great job!
    Lynn in Portland OR

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