Does Anyone See A Jellyfish?

I hope not.

Dreamscape No. 504, 4×4, Ceramic Tile
Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Day Eight of 30 in 30 Challenge – Used Piñata Santa Fe Red and Baja Blue, Adirondack Gold

Why Did I Ask You If You See A Jellyfish In My Painting?

Yesterday morning, right as I posted my Day 7 Efforts on my FB ART Page this comment popped up as if it had been waiting in a darkened hallway to scare me:

Looks like a swordfish and a salmon.

I looked at my Dreamscape closer…did it? Sometimes that happens. Abstracted shapes can look like all sorts of things….All day I wondered, does Dreamscape No. 503 look like swordfish and salmon? Maybe someone else would comment otherwise…Later I checked to see 3 likes, but they were just my friends, probably feeling embarrassed for me… No other comments on my  FB ART Page appeared after the swordfish salmon decree. It must be true.

When I got home from work,  I visited a new Alcohol Ink & Mixed Media Facebook Group I’ve recently joined. That morning, I had also posted the Swordfish & Salmon there. At first I held my breath, there were many, many comments under it, but all complimentary and not one mention of any fish 🙂

Today’s Awareness

Shake it off, shake it off! And keep on painting 🙂


If you are a collector of jellyfish paintings and you see a jellyfish in Dreamscape No. 504 shown above. Why, I hadn’t thought of it that way, but yes, I see what you mean 🙂 How do you feel about swordfish and salmon? I have an awesome Dreamscape of swordfish and salmon 😀

Want To Learn More About Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping? Visit: What Is Dreamscaping?

2 thoughts on “Does Anyone See A Jellyfish?

  1. I did a painting of spiky bromeliads and round river rocks. My husband commented that the river rocks in the upper left looked like a woman’s bare behind. All I could see after that were the suggestive rocks. I chose to ‘fix’ it for my peace of mind rather than play them up, but usually I let the viewer interpret a painting in their own way. I happen to like swordfish and jellyfish, unless I’m swimming among them.
    Couldn’t past the image here, but you can see it on my website:
    ‘Wine Cups’

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