Stepping Away

Maybe like me, you’ve had a busy year. My year has been busy, hamster-treadmill, busy.

Last Sunday, when the first candle of Advent was lit, more than ever, I found myself feeling its allure to slow down and reflect. Something I used to do continually, something I hardly do at all anymore. I miss it.

As I’m experiencing the need to clean my inner room and prepare on all levels, this will be my last post until after the New Year. I anticipate announcing some changes and new directions early 2014.

For anyone looking for a Holiday Project, here is one, lost in the archives from Dec. 17, 2010. Christmas Poinsettia. It is in watercolor and shows sucessive steps of negative painting. A wonderful process of mostly layered background painting , until as if by magic, the subject appears. Would be interesting to see it in alcohol inks 🙂

Thanks to all for following this blog. I appreciate you. Wishing all the best this Holiday Season and the coming New Year.

5 thoughts on “Stepping Away

  1. Thank you, June, for your grace and talent – and the generous sharing of those gifts via your blog and Facebook. I’m looking forward to seeing what beauty you’ll have to share with us in the new year. Happy Holidays to you.

  2. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas Season and will look forward to your posts in 2014.

    Sharon Parker

  3. You deserve a rest. I have been following you for a while and have made one purchase. I will probably order instruction DVDs and other items early next year – when I decide to quit my part-time job and “be” a hopeful artist.
    Have a wonderful holiday

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