Part 3: All Shapes & Sizes

In my new book, Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping Quick Reference Guide, I mention the importance of using Elements & Principles of Design to create more compelling Dreamscapes. This blog series is providing more examples and applies to any medium and art in general. This post is on using two design elements,

Size & Shape

SIZE is relative and self-explanatory. As already mentioned in Part 2: Space, larger areas/shapes give illusion of  nearness and smaller areas/shapes, distance as shown in Dreamscape No. 278 shown below:

Dreamscape No. 278, 4×4, AI On Yupo
Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

See online, Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping, step-by-step tutorial for Dreamscpae No. 278, plus, two others. One is free: June Rollins’s DPW Tutorials


In addition to size, SHAPE can also be described as:

Jackie Richards

Shared With Permission © Jackie Richards

 Geometric – I love how Jackie has used tiny, geometric shapes for these alcohol ink creations. See more of Jackie’s incredible mosaic work: Jax Mosaics

Kathy Kuhn

Shared With Permission © Kathy Kuhn

Organic – Kathy’s painting, Copper Skies, is a wonderful arrangement of energetic, organic shapes.

Deb Voigt

Shared With Permission ©Deb Voigt

Positive – Deb skillfully arranges positive shapes to create a pleasing, traditional composition.

Shared With Permission ©Linda Ryan

Shared With Permission ©Linda Ryan

Negative – Linda has created by lifting and painting around the positive shapes, having the negative, darker valued shapes define the subject.

Shared With Permission ©Ginnie Conaway

Shared With Permission ©Ginnie Conaway

Sharp & Defined – Ginnie uses a variety of sharp edged shapes to create and define her composition. See more of Ginnie’s work or consider enrolling in her next workshop: Ginnie Conaway Art

Shared With Permission ©Patricia Stamey

Shared With Permission ©Patricia Stamey

Soft & Suggestive – In her Mono-print,  Guardian Angel, Patricia’s creative use of soft, suggestive shapes, support her theme and serve to transport the viewer.


It’s important to consider the type and arrangement of shapes we use in our art. They can contribute, or detract, in delivering our intended message to the viewer.

In summary,  shapes vary in size and can be:

Geometric Or Organic

Positive Or Negative

Sharp & Defined Or Soft & Suggestive


Meet more Alcohol Ink Artists and see more Alcohol Ink Art by requesting Membership in Alcohol Ink Art. Membership currently: 1,393!





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