Part 2: Space

In my new book, Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping Quick Reference Guide, I mention the importance of using Elements & Principles of Design to create more compelling Dreamscapes. This blog series is providing more detail and examples. This post is on using the design element, space.

If you’ve ever wondered how to create depth and distance in your art, specifically, landscapes/dreamscapes,

You were wondering how to create…


 (click on above link to see excellent, simplified illustrations of space by M.C. Gillis).


Following Are Examples Of Creating Space By AIA Members:

Billie Crain

Small moon in a mid-tone shape with foreground repeat, abstracted shapes all work together on subtle textured surface giving the illusion of distance. © Billie Crain. See what Billie used to achieve this interesting texture on her Blog.

Donna Pierce-Clark

Filling the frame with  color saturated subject gives illusion of nearness. © Donna Pierce Clark. See more of Donna’s work on her Blog

Connye Corey

Large, overlapping shapes, texture, darker values and hard edges also creates nearness. Soft edges and lighter values give illusion of atmospheric distance. © Connye Corey

Cindy Howe Ragtop Designs

Three distinct planes: foreground, mid-ground and background defined by color and value, plus, overlapping evergreens, clouds and moon create sense of depth. © Cindy Howe. See more of Cindy’s work in her Etsy Shop

Catherine Jones Warren

Subject painted large and extending outside the frame gives illusion of nearness. Lighter-valued, texture gives illusion of distance. © Catherine Jones Warren, Shabby Cat’s Studio

All are encouraged to post alcohol ink art depicting the illusion of space in Alcohol Ink Art Facebook Group. Now, 1,341 Members !

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