How Long Did That Take You To Do?

I get that question a lot.

Dreamscape No. 435, 8x10 Dremscaping With June Rollins®

Dreamscape No. 435, 8×10
Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

When it all comes together, like for Dreamscape No. 435, it seems like “no time.”

I don’t know when this is going to happen. I can’t plan it. But when it all comes together, it’s like time stops. Some refer to this as flow state.


I paint most every day because I believe putting in the “practice hours” puts us in a place of being carried away into “no time.”

And I don’t always paint the tried and true. There’s much experimentation, trial and error and downright crash and burn disasters. But, when it all comes together…it’s worth it.


How long did that take you to do?

all my life.


Let’s Keep Dreaming 🙂

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