Can This Painting Be Saved?

I’m loving the discoveries I’m making by blending the top three alcohol ink brands!

Dreamscape No. 394 was one of my favorites…

Until I committed the ultimate design faux pas. Could I have chosen a more uninteresting placement for the sun/moon?

I so loved other areas of Dreamscape No. 394….Maybe the interesting textures and color harmony would overcome my poor design choice.

No, if the foundation isn’t good….the house will fall.


One of the great things about alcohol inks is how forgiving they are.

In my upcoming book,

Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping Quick Reference Guide

I’ll show the stages of how the above Dreamscape No. 394

Became this Dreamscape no. 394:

Now up for auction in my DPW Gallery.

Let’s Keep Dreaming 🙂


4 thoughts on “Can This Painting Be Saved?

  1. Can you add more of the speckled lower cloud along the bottom of the orb? Also would it be possible to add some metallic powder to the orb?

  2. I think it works, June! The moon is part of the left side of the sky which has a lot going on and is well balanced by the quiet red and yellow expanse of the right side of the sky. And my eye shifts back and forth between the green in the left sky and the three green shapes below the horizon on the right. I think it makes an interesting composition….and works well. You instinctively put the moon there for a reason………

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