Creating A Place Of Rest

A recent longing for simplification has been showing up in my art.

Dreamscape No. 383, 4×4, Alcohol Inks On Yupo
Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Dreamscape No. 383 , 4″x 4″, Ranger On Yupo was created with:

1. No pre-planned sketch

2. No brushes

3. Only 2 colors

4. Two large shapes with 2 to 3 accents, depending on how much of a detail person you are 😉

5. Plenty areas of rest


Discovery: Even red-orange can be restful.

Quote: Less Is More. – Einstein

Tip: Create harmonious, stand-out paintings by using only 2 color opposites.

Learn More at: Yellow & Purple Blending Discoveries

2 thoughts on “Creating A Place Of Rest

  1. Wow June this is gorgeous and so peaceful as well. I’m just taking an online alcohol ink on Yupo course and really enjoying it – the effects are amazing.

    Karen x

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