Yellow And Purple Blending Discoveries

Experimenting with color opposites and near opposites is a fun way to create distinctive, harmonious paintings with lively neutrals. I’ve been a big fan of mixing orange and blue. See my free tutorial video: Orange And Blue I Love You.

But this week I’ve been mingling with yellow and purple.

Because alcohol inks are transparent, dry quickly and are so forgiving, they are a great medium for this kind of experimentation.

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In case you want to try this at home. The brands and colors I used (L-R):

Ranger – Sunshine Yellow and Purple Twilight

Spectrum Noir – CT2 and LV3

Piñata – Sunbright Yellow and Passion Purple

Dreamscaping, dropping and guiding the inks without pre-planned sketches and without using brushes, on 4″x4″ Yupo, is the process I used to create the paintings below. Don’t like the results, wipe clean with 91% alcohol and try again.

Upper left and lower right were created with Spectrum Noir – I created the lower right painting first and wanted to see if I could create darker values. I used multiple layers of the inks in upper left to achieve those rich, dark tones.

Upper right is Ranger – the red tells me Purple Twilight has a strong red base. Hard to believe this was made by yellow and purple isn’t it?

Lower left is Piñata – The green tint tells me both Sunbright Yellow and Passion Purple are cool in color temperature.

True color opposites will mix to neutral gray which I don’t seem to have found yet. But I do like the colors blends that are  being discovered along the way from just mixing yellow and purple.

Dreamscape No. 384, 4x4 © June Rollins

Dreamscape No. 384, 4×4
© June Rollins

Here is the one of the above exercises, completed. Dreamscape No. 384, now up for auction in my Daily Paintworks Gallery

Let’s Keep Dreaming 🙂

4 thoughts on “Yellow And Purple Blending Discoveries

  1. This is so beautiful June. Since a short time I have found your fantastic work and really it is dreaming. Just I have only two colors of alcohol ink but soon I will have more. Thank you for your great tutotials and videos. I am your fan.
    lovely greet
    (the Netherlands)

  2. Nickie, I’m not doing anything differently than what I wrote about in my book. I believe others are trying different methods. You may want to ask your question in any of the alcohol ink art Facebook groups for more suggestions.

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