Seeing With “Fresh Eyes”

Follow The Red Railed Walkway, Watercolor, 20×28
© June Rollins

I posted the above image on my Facebook Art Page,  June Rollins ART on June 11. I’ve had it put away and have not looked at it for the past 6 days. Because today, when I brought it out, I wanted to see it with “fresh eyes.”

When I’ve been up close working on a project for a week or two, or even longer, I stop seeing it objectively. This works two ways. I may get caught up in agonizing over minor issues that no one else sees but me. Or, I may be enamored with something that is really not my best work. Not sure which is worse 🙂

During the waiting time I sometimes move onto other projects. Other times, I just accept the creative energy is low and settle into the incubation stage. I look at art books, journal, plan, and of course, dream.

I’m feeling comfortable about taking  Follow The Red Railed Walkway off the board now and moving on.

Happy painting, waiting and seeing with “fresh eyes” for us all!

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