Step Away From The Painting :)

At this stage, I spend more time staring at a propped up Follow The Red Railed Walkway, from way across the room, than up close, painting…

I’m also mindful of working on different areas of the painting, adjusting color temperatures and values…

After looking at the whole painting and not just the isolated area that has had my recent focus and attention, I’m ready to continue with the upper left area of woods.

Here, I’ve added positive and negative tree trunks and branches. In my mind, this adds depth, unity and harmony, not just in this section, but the entire painting…or, at least that’s the plan 🙂


I’m posting images during the painting process of, Follow The Red Railed Walkway on my Facebook Art Page and I plan on  elaborating on some of the processes used in the next few posts here. Like the JCCFS students, I’m following the red railed walkway in hopes of where it leads.

3 thoughts on “Step Away From The Painting :)

  1. I love this painting and am really enjoying following your amazing progress. The perspective and depth really do accomplish your goal of walking into the painting. I can’t figure out how you lightened those trunks in the background. Did you lift color, or was it an optical illusion by painting darker behind it? Maybe both. It didn’t appear darker, but, however you are doing it, it is working. I’m so happy to see you in watercolors again.

    That center must be amazing. It is such a resource for you out there in the back and beyond. Take care and continue to keep us all posted. I look forward to seeing your emails pop up on my computer. Each time it is a door to adventure and enjoyment.

    Pat Truesdell

  2. Hi Pat, Thank you for commenting here. I took the last photo at a different time of the day than the previous one so the lighting was different. The last one is a little over exposed on upper right. Yes, you are right. It is a combination of lifting and darkening to achieve the effects.

    I believe you and your husband would enjoy spending a week at JCCFS. You could each take a class of your choice. So many to choose from.

    You take care too 🙂

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