Advanced Triad Tree Layering

The original, Oct. 10, 2010, Triad Tree Demo blog post has received more comments and views than any other of my posts.  It was also published in Watercolor Artist, Dec. 2012, in Watercolor Essentials, within my feature, Tried-and-True Primary Triads. And even now, 2.5 years later, my blog stats show, it had 2,593 views last week! Thank you Pinterest friends 🙂

Taking the Triad Tree to a more advanced level, here are the steps of Triad Tree Layering within a larger painting, currently in process, Follow the Red Railed Walkway:

The first layer using a light valued triad has dried. I’ve put down plexi to protect adjacent areas. To see technique for first layer, please visit the original,  Triad Tree Demo. Here, more yellow was used, but process is the same.

I’ve misted the paper. Using a large, round brush I dropped in darker valued pigment. Takes a bit of courage 🙂

Here I am using the brush tip to carefully adjust, pooled pigment, being mindful to not over do to avoid end result of looking contrived.

Values can be lightened by wicking excess pigment with torn paper towel.

Subtle value and color shifts can be achieved by tilting the board to encourage blending.

Not finished yet, but overall pleased with the results.

To follow the rest of this painting process and see additional images of Follow The Red Railed Walkway in progress, visit June Rollins ART


We can never duplicate nature. We merely produce an illusion.

–Maxine Mansfield

2 thoughts on “Advanced Triad Tree Layering

  1. Hi June, I received your 2 DVD’S on Alcohol Inks Dreamscaping and am practicing as a good student should. LOL I am wondering if any of the things you are teaching with your watercolor paintings can be used with the AI. Loved the Triad Tree watercoloring! I’ve heard of “wet on wet” but not sure what this process is used in AI. Can you give me some explanation. Thanks so much!

  2. Hi Noreen, glad you received DVDs and are finding them useful. I’m currently working on a Beginner Watercolor Dreamscaping DVD. Plan on using tube watercolors and traditional watercolor paper. It will be using different techniques from alcohol inks on yupo.

    Dreamscaping with watercolor inks on yupo would be more similar. Here is a link to an earlier blog post of what I mean. It does not give any how to info but shows a small painting. watercolor inks on yupo

    See you in AIA 🙂

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