Follow The Red Railed Walkway

Several times a day, almost every day, I tell people to:

“Follow The Red Railed Walkway.”

This has taken on deep significance for me….because here is where I am spending most of my time now, the  John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC. I tell people to follow the red railed walkway because I work at the Craft Shop and am giving newcomers directions….to the Keith House, the History Center and to the Studios where discoveries are made and potentials tapped. New students arrive each week, all following the red railed walkway in hopes of where it will lead…

I was in the right place at the right time to take this photo earlier this month. Just after a rain near 5pm made the red railing and the slate/stone path more color saturated and the background woods a darker value. Add the spring blooms and I have a reference photo for my next watercolor.

Working on a full sheet, I studied the photo and made adjustments to my sketch.

I began the masking process.

And continued with the masking process : )

I’m posting images during the painting process of, Follow The Red Railed Walkway on my Facebook Art Page and I plan on  elaborating on some of the processes used in the next few posts here. Like the students, I’m following the red railed walkway in hopes of where it leads.

3 thoughts on “Follow The Red Railed Walkway

  1. How exciting to “follow the Red Railed Walkway” with you, June. Your watercolors are always beautiful.Watercolor is about as far away from my medium, kiln-fired enamels, as I can imagine, so seeing your process is a very special treat. Thank you.

  2. Paula, thank you! I am becoming acquainted with enameling via the enameling studio at JCCFS. I think of you when I meet the enameling instructors who come there to teach. Much respect for your area of expertise!

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